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Frozen land, forgotten people

The Navajo believe that a person will always be tied to the place where his or her umbilical cord is buried. When Larry Gordy of Cameron, Ariz., was born in 1968, his father put the cord in the rust-colored dirt where he dreamed of building homes for his children.

But the Gordys were forced to put their dreams on hold.  The 1966 decree — known as the Bennett Freeze, after the commissioner of Indian Affairs, Robert Bennett — meant that the Gordys and the 8,000 or so other Navajos living on the land couldn’t construct homes, open businesses or even repair their roofs. No roads or schools were built. No electric, gas or water lines were permitted.

This audio slide show depicts a state of poverty rarely seen in America.

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  1. August 11, 2010, 7:07 pm

    This is the poverty and injustice that few people wants to acknowledge that this happen in this country too, they are the people that do not exist for the political elite.

    Yeah, but we like to go to other countries and bomb and destroy them, and not to build right here at home.


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