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Iconic photographs re-created with Lego pieces

Iconic photographs re-created with Lego pieces

Photography captures the moments of our lives. It is a medium that helps share the human experience.

A single image can capture the essence of an era or culture. And such images both capture history and become history as they become emblazoned in our memories.

Mike Stimpson, a British photographer pays a clever homage to some of the greats, at the same time taking us back to childhood with Legos.  Stimpson has been playing with Legos since his parents got them for him at the age of 6.

Mike’s interest with the history of photography and his enjoyment of macrophotography led to a natural progression of using Lego pieces to re-create some of the iconic photographs of our time.

Stimpson brings the classics to an audience who might not have been aware of them.  Charles C. Ebbets’ “Lunch atop a skyscraper,” shown above, was Stimpson’s  first re-creation, showing us the human experience, through little yellow smiling faces.

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