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Marlboro Marine

Times photojournalist Luis Sinco documented the Marine’s assault on Fallouja, Iraq, in November 2004. While capturing the ferocity of the conflict, he took a photograph of Lance Cpl. James Blake Miller. Weary from battle, the Marine lighted a cigarette, and Sinco’s shot of that moment became an icon of the Iraq war.

But the connection between Sinco and Miller runs deeper.

After Iraq, Miller tried to return to his previous life but found his nights haunted by images of war and his life fractured by depression. This is the story of how Miller struggled to heal his scars of war. But it is also a story of how two disparate lives intersected on a rooftop in Fallouja, and how they both continue to struggle with what happened.

Sinco’s work was a 2005 Pulitzer finalist for feature photography.

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