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New iPhone 4 Videos

New iPhone 4 Videos

It’s getting tougher and tougher for me not to update to the new Apple iPhone 4. I know my iPhone 3GS is just fine. Any update would be frivolous, not to mention expensive. My phone is only eight months old. I can’t even imagine what the upgrade would cost.

I certainly might not have been so motivated until I saw the video “Apple of My Eye” by Michael Koerbel a very cute movie shot and edited on the iPhone. Granted, editing would have been must faster uploading the footage and editing in Final Cut or iMovie, but where’s the challenge?

Check out my favorite cinematic iPhone masterpiece, “Apple of My Eye,” which took 24 hours of editing with the iMovie app on the iPhone after the filming. The video also includes interesting behind the scenes clips.

For those who have a need to see the iPhone 4 fly, check out “Flying iPhone 4” YouTube video.

Photo: A  reporter holds the new Apple iPhone during a product test review in San Francisco. Credit: Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

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