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Panorama: Vera Farmiga on the red carpet at the Academy Awards

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82nd Academy Awards panoramas

The swirl of activity that is the Academy Awards red carpet arrivals is often difficult to capture in a single photograph. It is a steady stream of celebrities, nominees and guests, not to mention the screaming photographers and other media.

To show what happens in front of the camera, to the side and behind, 360-degree panorama photography was used. This is the technique of shooting four sequential images (front, left, right and back) with a special lens and mount over a short period of time. The four images are then stitched together with software. The resulting image is not an instant in time, as in traditional photojournalism, but a short span of time because it is impossible to capture all four images simultaneously. That’s if one wants the image to stitch together cleanly.

In this panorama, Vera Farmiga poses on the red carpet at the 82nd Academy Awards at the Kodak Theatre in Los Angeles. See more Oscars panoramas here

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