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Entertaining the troops

Entertaining the troops

April 9, 1945: Betty Hutton, seated on the piano, and other aspiring starlets sing with troops at the Hollywood Canteen, which was started by Bette Davis and others in 1942. The canteen on Cahuenga Boulevard became a fixture in Hollywood during World War II as a place soldiers and sailors on leave could relax and mingle with celebrity volunteers.

Lt. Col. T.A. Kenan is on Hutton’s left, and Cpl. Fred Rasmussen at the piano. Others are, from left, Mona Freeman, Sgt. W. R. Sargent, Diana Lynn, Cpl. N. F. Tuttle, Mario Ballentine, Pfc. Andrew Hnida, Noell Neill and Sgt. P.W. Inman. The young ladies are actresses from Paramount studio.

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  1. November 4, 2015, 12:27 pm

    In 1960 I was stationed in Long Beach and use to go to the Hollywood Canteen that was located on Argyle St., just a block or so from Hollywood and Vine. Free Sandwiches with Cola drinks, Newspapers and Magazines.. Loved it on a $78.00 Monthly Salary.


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