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Photogene, the photography app for the iPhone and iPad

Photogene, the photography app for the iPhone and iPad

Picking my favorite iPhone and iPad image-editing programs was no simple task. The sheer number of photography apps at the iTunes store made the process difficult.

Photogene from Omer Shoor seemed to jump above the crowd as my preferred editing software after I gave it a try. It just hit the mark with ease of operation and features.

The software costs $1.99 for the iPhone (on sale for 99 cents until Sept. 1) and $3.99 for the iPad. I really don’t mind helping pay the freight for the smaller developers.

Photogene has all the features I need: cropping, levels for contrast and brightness adjustment, hue and saturation for color adjustment and sharpness.

My requirements are very simple, just a few basic tools. I don’t really need all those filters, tilt shift or special effects. All those effects are cute but get old very fast. I’m usually just making a few adjustments before sending the photograph off in an e-mail or on a social media adventure like Twitter or Facebook. Speed and ease of operation are most important to me.

The iPad version is more fun to use just because of the size of the screen, which gave the developer more real estate to add features like the curves control, which most people seem to want. I can’t understand curves; I just seem to make a mess of things with the wiggly line and all those dots. Just give me the levels control, which is included on both versions for any necessary brightness or contrast variations.

I spend most of the time adjusting and sending photos from my iPhone 3GS, since it goes where I go and has a camera.

The iPhone version of Photogene is slightly tougher to use compared with the larger-screen iPad software, but once you get used to it, it’s a breeze to manage.

It’s a very simple work flow for me on my iPhone with Photogene: Open the app, select a photo from your album, a simple click on the small color wheel and make a levels adjustment. Clicking here on the colors button will give you the saturation and color temperature sliders. Next comes a sharpening adjustment; point-and-shoot cellphone cameras always seem to need it. I really appreciate how fast this app works. There never seems to be any delay.

Now it’s on to the finish. The check mark takes you to the sharing feature for e-mail and social media. I like how easy it is to change the photo resolution for output.

The iPhone app does include special effects, such as caption bubbles, frames, night vision, heat map, sepia, B & W, posterize, blur and pencil sketch.

Photos: Cropping on the larger-screen iPad, top, and using the level adjustment on the iPhone version, bottom, of the Photogene software.


  1. December 22, 2010, 9:02 am

    […] bubbles. Then it’s a simple press of a button to send it off to e-mail, Twitter or Facebook. Photogene for the iPhone costs $1.99. Check out my Framework post about […]

  2. August 25, 2014, 11:28 am

    As a journalist and photographer, Photogene (together with Photoforge2 and Photo fx) is my favored ipad photograph processing app. I basically deal with event reporting, so I don't generally utilize layers or artistic effects, however speed, progressed editing tools and particularly the way that I don't need to import my photographs each one in turn, yet can browse and star them (and afterward filter and alter them focused around their star rating, instead of needing to push through hundreds of single shots) right in the camera roll are precious peculiarities. It's in a completely diverse alliance to Snapseed and filter apps.~Maria Brown.

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