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Apple CEO Steve Jobs announces a new touchscreen version of the iPod nano as he speaks during an Apple event in San Francisco. Jobs announced upgraded versions of the entire iPod line, including an iPod Touch that includes a camera. He also showed the new iTunes version 10 and the release of the second generation of Apple TV.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Finnish Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi, left, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel inspect an honor guard in Berlin.


Pope Benedict XVI waves at pilgrims gathered in a square near his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo, 40 kilometers southeast of Rome, during his weekly general audience.


Cyclists surround a poster of the late cyclist Laurent Fignon before the start of the fifth stage of the Tour of Spain "La Vuelta" cycling race between Guadix and Lorca.


Nine-week-old Florine de Groot rests on top of a leaf of the Victoria amazonica at the Rotterdam Blijdorp Zoo in the Netherlands. Children can be photographed on top of the leaf, under the condition that they do not weigh more than 33 pounds. The Victoria amazonica blossoms over two nights producing flowers that are white on the first night and turn pinkish-red by the second night.


A pin of North Korean leader and founder Kim Il Sung is worn on the traditional costume of a North Korean performer with Pyongyang Art Troup while in Beijing.


A mother holds her sick child as flood victims wait to receive medical help at a hospital in Sukkur, in Pakistan's Sindh province.


Children dressed as Hindu god Krishna take part in festivities to mark Janmashtami at a school in Mumbai. Janmashtami is the festival that marks the birth of Krishna.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rajanish Kakade / Associated Press

A man in with a camera stands amid a "waterfall" at IFA, one of Europe's largest consumer-electronics trade shows. The extensive painting is part of an installation at the Berlin show where visitors can test their 3-D cameras.


Schoolchildren in the village of Molesti react as balloons are released to mark the opening of their school. Moldova's Ministry of Education and UNICEF hailed the opening of the schools, which have indoor toilets, new teaching materials and specially trained teachers, as the first generation of child-friendly schools in Moldova. Officials hope these schools will become a model for future schools.


A visually impaired child plays in a mud pit after breaking the curd pot during a celebration at the Victoria Memorial School for the Blind in Mumbai on the eve of Janmashtami, a festival that marks the birth of Hindu god Lord Krishna. Scores of Hindu devotees of Lord Krishna take part in the curd-pot celebrations, during which a large earthenware pot is filled with milk, curds, butter, honey and fruits and is suspended from a height 20 to 40 feet. Sporting young men and boys come forward to claim this prize by constructing a human pyramid till the pyramid is tall enough to enable the topmost person to reach the pot and claim the contents after breaking it. Normally, currency notes are tied to the rope by which the pot is suspended and this prize money is distributed among those who participate in the pyramid building.


Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, center, arrives at Camp Ramadi in Iraq to visit troops from the 4th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division. Gates is here to meet with U.S. troops as they formally end their combat mission.


A villager harvests cabbage after returning to Sukantebi village in North Sumatra. Around 30,000 people had been evacuated from nearby villages when Mt. Sinabung erupted on Sunday, but many were headed home on Tuesday, according to disaster relief officials.


The writing on the main gate translates to "Work Sets You Free" at the memorial site of the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Oranienburg, Oberhavel. Poland's President Bronislaw Komorowski and German President Christian Wulff paid a joint visit to the memorial Wednesday.


An employee smokes outside the entrance to a clothing shop in central Athens. A new comprehensive ban on smoking in all indoor public places including bars and restaurants went into effect Wednesday. Greece has among the highest smoking rates among developed nations around the world.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Petros Giannakouris / Associated Press

A cat jumps from a restaurant rooftop in Beijing. China's gross domestic product surpassed that of Japan in the second quarter of 2010, although its huge population means that its per-capita GDP is one-tenth of Japan's. With the unequal distribution of national wealth, many people live in poverty.


Relatives and mourners weep at a memorial service for four Israelis killed by a Palestinian gunman Tuesday near Hebron in the West Bank.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Warrick Page / Getty Images

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— Jerome Adamstein and Marc Martin

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