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Mexico: A colorful jaunt through 200 photographs

Mexico: A colorful jaunt through 200 photographs

As a Southern California resident, I have taken quick weekend jaunts to Mexico and loved them. On this, the year of the Mexican bicentennial, I peruse photography of a land that has a rich history and laid-back charm, courtesy of  Chris Reynolds, Travel writer and photographer for the Los Angeles Times.  

Reynolds has compiled 200 photographs from his many journeys to pay homage to this year’s bicentennial, pictures he’s captured over two decades of travel in Mexico.

It’s not a comprehensive survey – his photos touch 12 of the country’s 31 states – but there’s plenty of variety, including a perfect cross, mysteriously cut in a desert cactus; a pedestrian traffic jam on the steep steps of Chichén Itzá in the Yucatán jungle; a pair of beachcombers in Huatulco; a fire-belching street performer in Tijuana; and a coatimundi up close on a mountaintop outside Mexico City.,0,637090.ugcphotogallery

The Times’ Travel section has asked readers to send in their own Mexico images.,0,637090.ugcphotogallery

Photo: Fishermen, Lake Pátzcuaro, Michoacan, Mexico, 2002. Credit: Chris Reynolds / Los Angeles Times

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