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The statue of Christ the Redeemer is bathed in pink light as part of a campaign for breast cancer awareness.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Felipe Dana / Associated Press

The Russian Soyuz TMA-01M spacecraft, carrying crew for the International Space Station, U.S. astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian cosmonauts Alexander Kaleri and Oleg Skripochka, blasts off from its launchpad at the Baikonur cosmodrome.


A power-generating wind turbine seen from below in the Jura region of western Switzerland. Alpiq, an energy company, says that with three 2-megawatt wind turbines, the wind farm is capable of producing around 14 million kilowatt-hours of green energy per year, enough to power 4,000 households.


A crash Thursday morning involving a car, a big rig and a pickup truck on the eastbound 210 Freeway in Pasadena jammed traffic and caused delays on the Metro Gold Line after two of the vehicles ended up on the tracks.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times

Marie-Pier Boudreau-Gagnon of Canada begins her women's synchronized swimming solo free routine at the Commonwealth Games.


A Commonwealth Games worker sweeps the track before the evening athletics program at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium.


A Muslim Kashmiri artisan works on a wood carving at a factory in Srinagar. Kashmir is home to some of the finest walnut carvings in the world.


A red panda cub ventures out of its den for the first time at the Calgary Zoo. The cubs typically remain in their den until they are able to move about almost as well as an adult. The female and a male cub were born May 30.


A trio of elephants from the Swiss national Circus Knie take a break from work to bathe in Lake Geneva.


In preparation for the Hindu festival of Dussehra, an artisan puts the finishing touches on an effigy of demon king Ravana. The effigies are burned during the festival to commemorate the triumph of Lord Rama over the Ravana, marking the victory of good over evil.


People in silhouette watch a colorful night fountain show near the Centennial Hall.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Alik Keplicz / Associated Press

A visitor to the Hauptbahnhof views a back-lit map, part of a presentation highlighting the proposed benefits of the Stuttgart 21 train station project.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Sean Gallup / Getty Images

Dr. Pavel Vavra measures the blood pressure of a passer-by during a tour by Czech medical staff protesting government austerity measures and wages. More than 3,000 hospital doctors have signed a petition threatening to quit by the end of the year and seek work abroad.


T-shirts with inscriptions by people affected by domestic violence hang on a clothesline that will be on display at the Holiday Village Mall next week.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: John Kelleher / Havre Daily News

Mounted police patrol the perimeter of the San Jose mine where 33 miners remain trapped deep underground since a collapse more than two months ago. There is hope that they will be rescued soon, with drilling efforts to reach them in the final stages.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Natacha Pisarenko / Associated Press

A Hungarian soldier cleans a house flooded by toxic mud. The red sludge that inundated three Hungarian villages reached the Danube on Thursday, but no immediate damage was evident, Hungary's rescue operations agency said. The European Union and environmental officials had feared an environmental catastrophe affecting half a dozen nations if the red sludge contaminated Europe's second-longest river after bursting out of a factory reservoir.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Bela Szandelszky / Associated Press

A volunteer of the local fishing authority shows a dead fish on the bank of the Marcal River in Gyirmot. Virtually all the fish in the Marcal have been wiped out by the sludge, said Tibor Dobson, the spokeman for Hungary's disaster relief team. The toxic sludge spill reached the Danube on Thursday, threatening to contaminate the river's ecosystem, a water authority official told Agence France-Presse.


A security official stands guard near tankers carrying oil for NATO forces in Afghanistan after suspected Islamic militants attacked the trucks in Nowshera. Firefighters in northwestern Pakistan were trying to extinguish a fire that engulfed 54 trucks carrying supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan after the latest attack on supply convoys, police said.


A so-called Brocken spectre is seen in the clouds above the Tatra mountains. In this rare optic phenomenon, an observer's shadow is magnified onto a cloud at a lower altitude. The head of the figure is often surrounded by rings of colored light.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Grzegorz Momot / EPA

Horses take flight in the Ladbrokes hurdle race at Worcester race track.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Alan Crowhurst / Getty Images

Bulgarians demonstrate in front of the nation's Parliament. Thousands of people working in the mining industry, healthcare, transport, farming, state administration, police, steelmakers, retirees, the disabled and students attended the rally and called on the prime minister to stabilize the social security system.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Valentina Petrova / Associated Press

Australia's Sally Pearson celebrates her win in the women's 100-meter final of the track-and-field competition of the Commonwealth Games.


Chad Le Clos of South Africa competes in the men's 400-meter individual-medley final at the Mukherjee Aquatics Complex on Day 4 of the Commonwealth Games.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Cameron Spencer / Delhi, India

Workers haul in the fish at Volma fish farm near the village of Azyorny, about 31 miles from Minsk. Fish production in Belarus this year will reach 19,400 tons, more than a threefold increase from 2005, according to a statement from the government.


Two weeks after he and seven Bell city leaders were arrested in a far-reaching corruption case, former city manager Robert Rizzo was released from jail after a Los Angeles County judge said she was satisfied the assets being posted for his $2-million bail did not come from illegal activity.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

A Hindu devotee with his face smeared with mud prepares to bathe in the River Ganges during "Sarvapitri amavasya," sometimes translated as All Souls Day. On the occasion, Hindus pay homage to their ancestors and perform rituals to ensure that the souls of their ancestors go to heaven.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rajesh Kumar Singh / Associated Press

A woman walks in front of the Parliament House, which is guarded by riot officers during a demonstration of civil servants.


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Pictures in the News | Oct. 7, 2010

We begin in Rio de Janeiro, where the statue of Christ the Redeemer is bathed in pink light after dark as part of a campaign for breast cancer awareness; in Kazakhstan, the Soyuz  TMA-01M spacecraft blasts off en route to the International Space Station; and near Los Angeles, a big rig that may have dreamed of growing up to be a train, crash-lands on Metro train tracks, causing somewhat of a commuting nightmare.

Toxic sludge spilled from a refinery has reached the Danube, threatening one of Europe’s major waterways. In Pakistan, oil tankers were under attack yet again as they waited for the reopening of the Torkham border crossing to Afghanistan; and Bulgarians took to the streets, calling on the prime minister to stabilize the country’s social security system.

We see a rare optic phenomenon in Poland called Brocken spectre, in which an individual standing at high altitude can see his or her shadow magnified in a cloud below, and the face of a mud-covered Hindu devotee along the banks of the Ganges. Images from the Commonwealth Games in India continue to be part of the daily photo edit.

In Calgary, Canada, a red panda cub takes a cautious first peek at the world, and in Switzerland a trio of circus pachyderms take a break from work to cool off in Lake Geneva, near Lausanne.

As always, these are just the highlights of our daily take on Pictures in the News.

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