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North Korea- Secrets and lies

By Tomas van Houtryve

North Korea is considered the world’s most isolated country; much of what is known about the country is based on speculation.  As North Korea prepares for the likelihood of Kim Jong-Un succeeding his father as the country’s next leader, the world waits in anticipation.

Strict government censorship and nearly impossible  press access are largely why little is known or has been seen about North Korea.

Tomas van Houtryve of VII made two trips to North Korea posing as an investor looking to open a chocolate factory.

The images he brought back are of a world never before seen by the West.  It is a world of muted colors; individual identities are stripped away, replaced by black suits and uniformity.


by Walter Astrada

Photographer Walter Astrada looks at the inequality of men and women in India.  It is an inequality that spans every social class in India. An inequality that leaves countless girls uneducated and groomed only to serve another man.  A belief in India is that men make the money and women are the financial burden.

Produced by Eric Maierson of MediaStorm, “Undesired” shows how attitudes toward women in India have resulted in an estimated 40 million girls that have been aborted, neglected or murdered.

Remembering Seth Walsh

by Rick Loomis

As a gentle child grew into adolescence, the taunts and bullying intensified. Finally, Seth Walsh couldn’t take any more.

Images of playgrounds that should be filled with laughter are eerily desolate.

Los Angeles Times Photographer Rick Loomis takes a thoughtful look remembering Seth.