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Video: Rebuilding in his father’s footsteps

When the devastating earthquake hit Haiti on Jan. 12, Robenson Jacques rushed home to make sure his family was safe, and to see what his father, Sony, had to say. “Sony’s dead” were the first words his mother said. But Robenson, 33, soon heard his dad’s voice beneath the rubble. He felt he owed the world to him, and he knew his father’s fate was in his hands now. Times staff writer Joe Mozingo and staff photographer Liz O. Baylen traveled to Haiti in March, April and July to report this story. See Baylen’s photos here. Read the full story, “Strength of a higher magnitude.”

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  1. April 20, 2011, 10:39 am

    […] piece on an 11-year-old street urchin surviving on wits alone in the days after the quake, and Liz’s gallery of still and video images that showed how one survivor struggled to master an artificial leg and […]

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