Time Out | Sports images from around the globe

This week’s installment of our Time Out worldwide sports images includes a high-fly act from Kuala Lumpur, where 120 base jumpers from 22 countries took part in the annual KL Tower International Jump. Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay threw a no-hitter in the National League Division Series against the Cincinnati Reds, while in the second game of that series, teammate Ben Francisco got hit in the head with a pitch by the Cincinnati Reds’ Logan Ondrusek.

The Commonwealth Games yielded engaging images of Ghana’s Seth Degbe Fetrie losing control during weightlifting competition; a South African hammer thrower warming up with a piece of luggage; and English pride painted on the toe of gymnast Laura Edwards.

There’s also college football, week five of the NFL season and a hockey shot you need to see to believe. Take a look.