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Metro underground

Metro underground

April 12, 1989: Shafts of sunlight are the only illumination for a Metro Rail station under construction at 7th and Flower streets. The 4.4-mile segment of the Metro Red Line, including this station, opened on Jan. 30, 1993.

During construction, ladders were the only way down. Retired Los Angeles Times photographer Rick Meyer reports he had to climb down a 30-foot ladder with camera gear and tripod.

“There was a lot of dust down there from the construction and digging,” Meyer writes. “The shot was done with a tripod because the available light was shafts of sunlight coming from street level.”

Meyer says he used Tri-X 35mm black-and-white film. His exposure most likely was one second at f/4 with the film at 1000 ASA.

This photo was published on the front page of the Metro section. Meyer documented the subway construction for five years, working with various Metro reporters.

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  1. October 13, 2010, 6:12 pm

    Wonderful Photograph. The underbelly of major cities are usually perfect photographic subjects if one can gain access.

    <a title="Thomas Winter" href="">Thomas Winter
    Photographer in FL


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