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Best of the Web

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Dark Side of the Lens

Surf photographers are often behind the scenes, on the dark side of the lens. They brave dangers from the ocean, including near-drowning and hypothermia.  They are the silent workhorses of the surfing world, their names may never see the light of day and they may never earn their fortunes from their craft.

Irish surf photographer Mickey Smith of Astray Films gives us a glimpse through his eyes and heart.  He sees life in angles and lines of perspective, captured by camera showing sublimely slow, undulating shots giving way to the sheer power of the ocean.  Smith’s photography captures wave riders along the coast in a way that is lyrical and powerful.

Behind the Veil

The Toronto Globe and Mail’s “Behind the Veil” has won an Emmy Award for New Approaches to News and Documentary Programming. “Behind the Veil” is a six-part multimedia series about the daily struggles that women in Kandahar, Afghanistan, endure.

“Last Minutes With Oden”

Eliot Rausch’s documentary “Last Minutes With Oden” has been selected as the overall Best Video in the Vimeo Awards.  The award include a $25,000 grant for a future project. “Last Minutes With Oden” is a story of a three-legged dog named Oden teaching a struggling ex-convict how to love.

Amazon Ablaze

Fallen trees and desolation to the soundtrack of crackling wood.  Surreal images of the Amazon rain forest as it has never been seen before. Farmers in the Mato Grosso region of Brazil are clearing land to increase soybean and corn production. Photographed by John Stanmeyer, a founding member of VII.

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