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The White House is bathed in pink light for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, observed every October with public service groups, medical professionals and government agencies joining forces to promote awareness of the disease.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Win McNamee / Getty Images

The Royal Castle is illuminated by Swiss master of light, Gerry Hofstetter, during a gala dinner in honor of Swiss President Doris Leuthard, who is on a two-day state visit to Norway.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: CORNELIUS POPPE / European Pressphoto Agency

An ethnic Karen boy smiles in front of a blackboard at the school in the Mae La refugee camp near the Thai-Myanmar border. Ethnic Karen refugees continue to pour into Thailand, fleeing decades-long fighting between Karen rebels and Myanmar troops and its guerrilla allies.


Pins with portraits of Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, left, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, center, and Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri are on sale in the southern Lebanese border town where the Iranian president addressed several thousand supporters on the second day of his first official visit to the country.


A man attempts to ride a motorcycle through wind and rains churned by Tropical Storm Paula.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Javier Galeano / Associated Press

The Queen butterfly, Danaus gilippus, a native of North and Central America, settles on a flower at the American Museum of Natural History's Butterfly Conservatory exhibit. Over 500 butterflies from around the world are on display until May next year.


Colorful G-bikes are lined up outside Google's Silicon Valley headquarters.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Tony Avelar / Bloomberg

Runway models wear creations by Ukrainian designer Victoria Gres during Fashion Week in the capital.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Efrem Lukatsky / Associated Press

A baby Chilean flamingo stands on one leg as it rests near its father at the Woodland Park Zoo. The chick was born on Oct. 3 and is one of two chicks born from eggs currently being incubated at the zoo. Baby flamingos can take up to three years to fully develop the pink feathers of mature adults.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Ted S. Warren / Associated Press

Sebastien Zietz of Hawaii flies over a wave as he competes in the O'Neil Cold Water Classic surfing competition in British Columbia. The event runs through Friday.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jonathan Hayward / The Canadian Press

Indian schoolchildren perform during the closing ceremony for the 19th Commonwealth Games.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Gurinder Osan / Associated Press

Fall color is seen amid the fog in a valley in the Midwest.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Michael Conroy / Associated Press

South African activists and wildlife supporters protest the killing of dolphins outside the Japanese Embassy in Cape Town, South Africa. The protest was held simultaneously with protests at Japanese consulate offices around the world as environmentalists called for action by the Japanese government to stop the controversial dolphin hunt in Taiji, Japan.


A resident of the Russian village of Murino answers questions from a census taker on the first day of Russia's nationwide census. About 650,000 census will canvass Russia, asking people about their household, birthplace, nationality and other personal details in the first census since 2002.


Joe Tizzard, riding Intac (yellow), clears the water before winning the Higos Insurance Services Handicap Steeple Chase at Wincanton racecourse.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Alan Crowhurst / Getty Images

A French railway worker waits to cast his ballot on a vote about the SNCF railway strike. The nationwide protest against pensions reform has reached a third day in France. The slogan on the wall reads: "We don't want to die at work."


An anti-North Korea protester slashes a portrait of North Korean leader Kim Jong Il's youngest son, Kim Jong Eun, during a rally denouncing the three generations of North Korean leaders from the Kim family and mourning the deceased Hwang Jang-yop in front of the Seoul railway station. Hwang, the highest-ranking North Korean official who had defected to the South, was found dead on Sunday morning, a local report said. YTN TV cited an unnamed government official as saying that Hwang, 87, a former North Korean Workers' Party secretary, appeared to have died of a heart attack at his home in South Korea.


Russian Cossacks and cadets bless themselves during a religious service dedicated to the feast of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God at a Russian cathedral.


Workers unload coal from a truck at Cigading harbor. Indonesia, the world's top thermal coal exporter, has projected an increase in production to 340 million tons of coal in 2011, according to the chairman of the Indonesian Coal Mining Assn.


Nepal's Khagendra Thapa Magar is weighed on a scale at a local hospital. He was declared the world's shortest man by Guinness record officials on Thursday, measuring 26.4 inches. He weighs just over 12 pounds.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Altaf Qadri / Associated Press

A judge watches as people sleep during the first Siesta Championship in Madrid. The participants in the siesta contest win points for the first person to fall asleep, the loudest snorer, best original sleeping position and best-dressed sleeper. Doctors are present to check if the contestants are really asleep.


Culture ministry protesters clash with riot police at the entrance to the Acropolis. Police stormed the Acropolis, Greece's best-known monument, on Thursday to break up a blockade by protesting culture ministry staff that had kept the site shut this week. The police broke into the monument perimeter through a side entrance and pursued dozens of protesters, who grabbed onto fence railings to prevent their removal from the hilltop site overlooking central Athens.


A meoldy is played on horn as German soldiers salute during a wreath-laying ceremony at a Russian graveyard for German soldiers killed in World War II.


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Pictures in the News | Oct. 14, 2010

Beginning today’s Pictures in the News, and oceans apart, the White House in Washington is pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month while the Royal Castle in Oslo, Norway, is multicolored, illuminated to honor a state visit by the president of Switzerland.

We have images of the closing ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in India; autumn fog rolling through Indiana, and a motorcyclist in Cuba attempting to roll through inclement weather brought on by Tropical Storm Paula.

Outside the Japanese Embassy in Cape Town, South Africa, environmental activists and wildlife supporters protest the killing of dolphins; a Chilean flamingo chick at a Seattle zoo explores a new world, staying close to its father; and a Queen butterfly, together with 500 of its closest friends, finds itself on display at the Natural History Museum in New York.

In Russia, 650,000 census-takers hit the streets, asking people questions about their household, birthplace and nationality in the nation’s first census since 2002; Russian Cossacks bless themselves during a religious service dedicated to the feast of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God in Novocherkassk; and in St. Petersburg, a wreath is laid for 45,000 German soldiers killed in World War II.

In the quirky department, the Siesta Championship in Madrid has prizes for the first person to fall asleep, the loudest snorer, best original sleeping position and best-dressed sleeper; and a Nepalese man is named the world’s shortest man by Guinness Book of Records officials.

Images from Lebanon, Thailand, the Ukraine, and Mountain View, Calif. round out today’s gallery.

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