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Scale it back

Scale it back

The shot:  The photo of a bee hovering around lupine flowers was shot near the redwoods in Wawona, near the south entrance to the park. It may look simple, but it actually took a while to compose, waiting for the right light and the bee to swing by for a visit. The picture was shot with a Canon 5D, a 100mm macro, set at f/5.6 with a shutter speed of 1/2000th. The ISO was set at 200. I started looking around for this picture at 8 a.m. and wound up taking it two hours later.

The tip: While the giant rock landmarks and waterfalls are the main events in Yosemite, things like bees and seed pods are the little things that can go unnoticed but make a great second act to the main events in the park. Macro pictures are everywhere, so look around and take your best shot.

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