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Georgia Frontiere in empty Rams locker room

Georgia Frontiere in empty Rams locker room

Sept. 21, 1982: Rams owner Georgia Frontiere holds a news conference in an empty Rams locker room, explaining her position on the NFL players’ strike.  That morning, the National Football League Players Assn. went on strike, followed by owners closing all facilities to players. No games were played until the strike ended Nov. 16, 1982.

Frontiere owned the Rams for 28 years until her death in January 2008. Those years included the moves in 1980 to Anaheim and 1995 to St. Louis.

Los Angeles Times writer Jim Peltz wrote in Frontiere’s 2008 obituary:

Frontiere inherited control of the Rams when her sixth husband, longtime NFL owner Carroll Rosenbloom, drowned at age 72 while swimming off Florida in April 1979.

That Rosenbloom’s will left the team to Frontiere surprised many in the sports world, but not Frontiere.

“I know what Caroll wanted,” she said at the time. “Carroll knew he’d live through me. I was ready for [being the owner], but apparently a lot of other people weren’t.”

Frontiere was criticized for the 1980 move to Anaheim, a decision her late husband made in 1978. But the St. Louis move was Frontiere’s decision.

The Rams’ 1995 move coincided with Al Davis’ Raiders leaving L.A. for Oakland, leaving Los Angeles fans and Times photographers without NFL football.

This photo by retired Los Angeles Times photographer Joe Kennedy ran with a NFL strike story on the next day’s L.A. Times Sports section front.

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  1. October 18, 2010, 10:43 am

    Hope that woman is enjoying her villa next to the lake of fire. Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams! Right the Wrong!

    By: Andy from Rams Revolution

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