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Door-to-door with Jane Fonda

Door-to-door with Jane Fonda

May 1982: Jane Fonda campaigns for husband Tom Hayden, who was running for the 44th Assembly district in Los Angeles. Crime was one of the issues, and while canvassing a neighborhood, Fonda found this woman unwilling to open all of her door.

In a May 3, 1982, story, Times staff writer Robert W. Stewart reported:

Fonda’s name and face are recognized almost everywhere. Her personal and professional ties permeate the multibillion-dollar entertainment industry. And she is one of the most successful political fund-raisers working today.

“It is our feeling that Jane is a tremendous asset,” said Michael L. Dieden, Hayden’s bespectacled curly-haired campaign manager. The Hayden campaign has not hesitated to put that asset to work.

For the last month, Fonda has promoted Hayden’s candidacy by walking from door to door, five or six days a week, two or three hours a day, in neighborhoods in the eastern end of the district, which stretches from West Los Angeles to Santa Monica and northwest to Malibu.

Times photographer Bob Chamberlin followed Jane Fonda canvassing door-to-door for over an hour. He used an Nikon F2 with 180mm lens to shoot this image. On May 3, 1982, this photo, along with three others, accompanied Stewart’s piece on Fonda’s successful fundraising efforts for Hayden, who won the 1982 election and served 10 years in the California State Assembly, followed by eight years in the state Senate.

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  1. October 20, 2010, 6:55 am

    It's surprising she didn't get shot……..if she is so proud of her actions………as a child of a serious actor, she has done her best to do everything opposite and completely offensive to her dad's own lifestyle. Being a rebel against your parents is one thing…..but acting like you are better than others that have fought wars that your country demanded. The only reason someone with the mind of a child like Fonda's is alive… to repent her actions and apologize to those she offended…….all in the name of her father. She is not worth a bullet…..and she will forever have to look over her shoulder for anyone that knows what she has done.


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