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The war is over!

The war is over!

Aug. 14, 1945: Alfred Fehr, 25 years a newsboy, jubilantly heralds the news of VJ Day in front of The Times building in Los Angeles. It was his biggest day of sales.

“Japan surrendered unconditionally tonight, bringing peace to the world after the bloodiest conflict mankind has known,” the article begins under the banner headline “PEACE!”

This image ran in the Los Angeles Times Aug. 15, 1945, edition. Upon hearing the news of Japan’s surrender, as reported in the same Times edition,  Los Angeles residents poured into downtown streets to cheer the war’s end. A huge siren atop The Times building led the din, an impromptu parade formed along Broadway, confetti was everywhere, and special police were dispatched to control the the masses. It was one of many celebrations across the nation.

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  1. October 29, 2010, 11:10 am

    I remember that day well. I too was a newsboy sel;ling the Inglewood Daily news. Really a boy though, I was not quite 11 years old. I don't remember how many papers I sold but I had to go back for more. The headline was "Japs Quit"


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