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Best of the Web

Best of the Web

A few really standout photography, video and multimedia stories from across the Web to discover this week.

The Rise of Narco Culture,’ by Shaul Schwarz and Bryan Chang, Time
“The new wave is definitely narco inspired,” says Joel Vazquez, a narco music promoter. Ummm, what? Yes, that’s right: music inspired by Mexican drug violence. But it’s a telling of  pop culture from the viewpoint of the news evident daily in Mexico. Read the subtitles to grasp this powerful story with good visuals. It  kept me engaged the whole time, with varying perspectives in a place where entertainment and real life collide. At 9 minutes, 5 seconds, listen to the fascinating interview. The best quote from the piece: “I’m a reporter of reality.” Nice work.


2010 Eddie Adams workshop multimedia collection
Every year, up-and-coming visual journalists head to the Eddie Adams workshop to hone their skills.  The world of visual journalism has changed with new uses of sound and video. Check out these short visual stories produced impressively and quickly, from  finding the story, to developing the relationship and trust, to making all the visuals and then producing the piece in just four intense days.


Losing Ground,’ by Matt Slaby/LUCEO Images, Brad Horn, Brian Dawson and Tyler Strickland, with additional photography courtesy of the Eberspecher family, AARP
AARP. Not the first group you’d think of when you think of great visual storytelling. But “Losing Ground” is touching. The approach is simple and works elegantly with the story.  The audio is solid.


El Rey’ by Drea Cooper and Zachary Canepari, ‘California Is a Place’
What can I say? Drea Cooper and Zachary Canepari have done it again with “El Rey,” a beautifully shot sketch on a very likable mariachi from East Los Angeles.  In general, I like Cooper and Canepari’s aesthetics and approach to the regular, I mean, somewhat regular characters in California. “El Rey” gives an unvarnished glimpse of Saul Ezqueda’s passion for his music and culture.  It’s touching and can make you appreciate mariachis a little more. And well, you’ve got to respect the outfits. If you haven’t seen the series “California Is a Place,” I recommend it highly.


Caption: Screen grab from [upper left]: “The Rise of Narco Culture” by Shaul Schwarz and Bryan Chang, Time;  [upper right]: “The Weekend Grind” by Carl Kiilsgaard and Nancy Donaldson, produced at the 2010 Eddie Adams workshop; [lower left]: “Losing Ground “by Matt Slaby/LUCEO Images, Brad Horn, Brian Dawson and Tyler Strickland with additional photography courtesy of the Eberspecher family, AARP and [lower right]: “El Rey” by Drea Cooper and Zachary Canepari, “California Is a Place.”

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