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Gov. Gray Davis ousted in recall

Gov. Gray Davis ousted in recall

Oct. 9, 2003: Gov. Gray Davis sits quietly for this portrait in his Capitol office after being recalled by voters in the Oct. 7, 2003, recall election. His last day in office was Monday, Nov. 17, 2003, as he was replaced by Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger.

In this Nov. 15, 2003, article, Los Angeles Times staff writers Dan Morain, Nancy Vogel and Jenifer Warren reported: “For now, and perhaps forever, Joseph Graham Davis will be remembered as the first governor recalled from office by the people of California.

“But Davis’ ouster, amid deep public disillusionment with his style of governing, will be only part of his legacy.

“Davis arrived in office in good times. The state budget was flush with a surplus in the billions, thanks to hefty tax receipts in the dot-com boom.

“On Monday, his tenure will end in a third year of budget shortfalls. His replacement, Gov.-elect Arnold Schwarzenegger, will inherit a projected deficit of $10 billion, maybe more.”

Los Angeles Times staff photographer Mark Boster traveled with Davis during the last week of the recall election. This image ran six columns inside the Nov. 15, 2003, Los Angeles Times accompanying the article by writers Dan Morain, Nancy Vogel and Jenifer Warren.


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