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“War on Dementia”

Todd Heisler / New York Times

Todd Heisler looks at a country at war with dementia.

Once a social stigma, dementia has now become a public cause of action in South Korea. One of the fastest aging societies in the world, in 15 years 20% of the people in Korea will be over the age of 65. Alzheimer’s disease is a looming threat for the aging populace.

In response, the government of South Korea has declared war on dementia. Thousands of people including children are being enlisted to care for those who have taken care of them. The enlistees are learning basic care and skills to comfort the elderly as well as how to recognize it early.

“Burnett’s Last Cattle Drive”

A look back to the early days of photojournalist David Burnett, whose illustrious career has spanned since the early 1970s as a contract photographer for Time magazine, this film looks at the process of shooting “The Great American Myth,” documenting the last cattle drive across America. The budgeting process, thoughts of design and layout are fascinating — and the shoot-first-seek-funding-later attitude and mutton-chop sideburns are great.

“White Fields”

Pat Shannahan/ The Arizona Republic

Cotton farming has been in the Wuertz family since the 1930s. Howard Wuertz’s ingenuity and desire to watch things grow has led him to pioneer using sub-surface drip irrigation, resulting in half the water usage of traditional irrigation, while increasing his farm’s yields by 30%.

Pat Shannahan of The Arizona Republic shot Fields of White using a Canon 5d Mark II. The superbly composed sequences and the signature shallow depth of field of DSLR video shows what DSLRs shooting video are capable of.

“A Year at War”

New York Times photographer Damon Winter has been chronicling the lives of the 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry of the 10th Mountain Division and its yearlong deployment to the Kunduz province of Afghanistan. These lives are a cross section of the some 30,000 American soldiers that are taking part in the surge.
The video short “In Combat” gets viewers as close to the firefight as possible. Bullets are whizzing by as we get into the heads of those in combat. While you are checking out the rest of the interactive presentation, be sure to check out “Between Firefights, Jokes and Sweat, Tales and Tedium” and Winter’s iPhone photos, which show us how creativity is not bound by mere mega-pixels and technology.

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