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Spain's bullfighter Julio Benitez, known as El Cordobes Hijo, falls during a bullfight at the Monumental Bullring during the city's annual fair. Benitez was not injured and continued the bullfight.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Patricio Realpe / Associated Press

A pedestrian walks past devil pinatas as a vendor peddles on the streets. On Tuesday, Guatemalans will celebrate the annual "Burning of the Devil," setting fire to effigies and trash as a symbolic cleansing of evil spirits.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Daniel Leclair / Reuters

View of the erupting Tungurahua volcano from the village of Cuive Grande. Ecuadoran authorities downgraded a warning late Saturday on a possible major eruption. The alert status was reduced from the maximum red to orange as activity eased, the national civil defense office said.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rodrigo Buendia / AFP

A pedestrian, seriously injured by a thrown rock, lies in the street as riot police pass by during a protest in central Athens to mark two years since the fatal police shooting of a teenage boy, which sparked Greece's worst riots in decades. Police closed roads and deployed several thousand officers throughout the city amid the event to commemorate the death of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: AP / Associated Press

A climber dressed as Santa Claus waves as he hangs on top of the Kollhoff-Tower at Potsdamer Platz. In the background is the Philharmonic building.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Hannibal Hanschke / AFP/Getty Images

A Palestinian youth carries his board as he prepares to surf during sunset.


A boy stands on a container in a flooded street after heavy rains in the southern India city.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Babu / Reuters

As talks are held in Geneva on Iran's nuclear program, protesters held demonstrations in front of the United Nations. Delegates from Iran, the European Union, the United States, Russia, Britain, France and Germany were meeting with EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton and Saeed Jalili, Iran's chief negotiator.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Anja Niedringhaus / Associated Press

Rabbi Chanoch Gechtman lights a menorah in front of the Gateway of India to celebrate Hanukkah. The Jewish Festival of Lights celebrates the revolt of the Maccabees against the Syrian-Greek forces that had been occupying the Jewish temple in Jerusalem.


An oak leaf creates an unexpected work of art.


A Sotheby's employee poses with a book of Shakespeare's plays set to be auctioned Tuesday. The "first folio" dates to 1623 and contains 451 of the original 454 leaves.


A man views a 1937 SS100 Jaguar 2.5-liter roadster, displayed in Mercedes-Benz World prior to its auction. The car is featured in Bonhams auctioneers' sale of "Collectors' Motor Cars and Automobilia," held Monday at Mercedes-Benz World, and is expected to fetch about $360,000.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Oli Scarff / Getty Images

Greek riot police face off with hundreds of youths in central Athens who staged a protest over the police killing two years ago of 15-year-old Alexandros Grigoropoulos. The protesters threw rocks and bricks at banks and shop windows as riot police lobbed tear gas.


Police stand guard in front of a branch of the Bank of Greece as demonstrators throwing paint and stones marked the anniversary of the 2008 police killing of a 15-year-old, which then triggered the country's worst riots in decades.


Men help clear the rubble from the site of a suicide bombing in the Mohmand region in northwestern Pakistan. Suspected Taliban suicide bombers reportedly killed 41 people at the office compound of a top government official.


A supporter of Ivory Coast opposition leader Alassane Ouattara throws maize onto a fire. International mediators tried to intervene Sunday in Ivory Coast's growing political crisis after both candidates in the disputed election said they were now president, raising fears the country could again be divided in two.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Schalk van Zuydam / Associated Press

Continental Airlines' lawyer Olivier Metzner answers journalists questions at Pontoise courthouse, north of Paris, after the verdict in the trial to determine who was to blame for the Air France Concorde crash in 2000 that killed 113 people. The court fined Continental Airlines $266,860 after finding the U.S. carrier "criminally responsible" in the deadly crash caused by a piece of metal on the runway.


Local residents remove rubble, looking for survivors after a landslide caused by heavy storms in Medellín. One person was confirmed dead -- and 200 missing -- after the mudslide. Worsening rains in recent days have spurred a declaration of a state of emergency in several regions of Colombia.


Indian activists of the Hindu Bajrang Dal Party participate in a torchlight procession marking the 18th anniversary of the Babri Masjid Mosque demolition by Hindu fundamentalists. Hindu hardliners demolished the mosque in 1992, claiming it was built on the site of the birthplace of the Hindu God Ram, sparking off nationwide Hindu-Muslim riots.


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Monday’s Pictures in the News begins in Geneva, where talks on Iran’s nuclear program brought out protesters.

Also in the news, students in Greece marked the second anniversary of the police shooting death of a 15-year-old Greek boy by throwing  rocks and bricks at banks and shop windows as riot police lobbed tear gas; a suicide bombing in Pakistan’s northwest Mohmand region killed at least 40 people at the office compound of a top government official; and  residents look for survivors  after a landslide caused by heavy rains in Colombia.

 We also makes stops in England, India, France and the Ivory Coast. Check back later in the day as we add to our report.


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