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Norwegian Nobel Committee Chairman Thorbjorn Jagland sits next to the Nobel diploma and medal placed on an empty chair to honor this year's peace prize winner, jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Heiko Junge / Associated Press

Pro-democracy activists demonstrate after watching the live broadcast of the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony, which honored jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo in absentia.


A firefighter searches for passengers inside a public bus that caught fire because of an electrical defect. No one was injured.


Britain's Parliament buildings are seen through the broken glass of a phone booth in Parliament Square. A student protest Thursday over a tuition increase caused damage around Parliament.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Kirsty Wigglesworth / Associated Press

A ''Red Shirts'' anti-government protester prays at a memorial to people killed during a demonstration at a democracy monument. Thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets of Bangkok demanding the release of their leaders, who were jailed following mass opposition demonstrations earlier this year.


U.N. peacekeepers shoot rubber bullets at protesters as they ride through a barricade. Haitians are preparing for armed clashes as rival candidates call on supporters to take to the streets in a sharply disputed presidential election.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Guillermo Arias / Associated Press

Men play chess on a winter morning at the Szechenyi Bath and Spa complex.


A girl takes pictures as she visits the Gallery of Russian Ice Sculpture.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Mikhail Metzel / Associated Press

A woman removes icicles from a house.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Frank Augstein / Associated Press

A man walks up a snow-covered hill in the Olympic park.


Oprah Winfrey fans gather to catch a glimpse of the talk-show host during a public event at Federation Square.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Robert Cianflone / Getty Images

South Korean marines patrol along the beach of Yeonpyeong Island, which was the target of North Korean shelling in November.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Kim Ju-sung / Associated Press

Kashmiris watch activists of the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front march with torches during a protest to mark International Human Rights Day.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Mukhtar Khan / Associated Press

Palestinian protesters confront Israeli soldiers.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Majdi Mohammed / Assciated Press

Glass-maker and blower Will Shakespeare makes glass ornaments in his workshop at Shakespeare Glass and Gallery. He is hand-making over 100 glass baubles a day to deal with the Christmas demand.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Matt Cardy / Getty Images

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Pictures in the News | Dec. 10, 2010

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Pictures in the News | Dec. 10, 2010

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Pictures in the News | Dec. 10, 2010

Friday’s Pictures in the News starts in Norway, where the Norwegian Nobel Committee honored in absentia this year’s Nobel Peace Prize winner, jailed Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo.  In Hong Kong, pro-democracy protesters celebrated after watching the live broadcast of the ceremony.

Over in London, cleanup began after Thursday’s student protest against a tuition fee increase caused damage around Parliament. Also in the news, anti-government protesters pray at the democracy monument in Bangkok; U.N. peacekeepers shoot rubber bullets at protesters as they ride through barricades in Port-au-Prince; and Oprah fans gather to catch a glimpse of the celebrity during an event  in Melbourne. Add stops in Hungary, India, Germany and the West Bank and you have our report.

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