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Gustavo Dudamel and Placido Domingo

Gustavo Dudamel and Placido Domingo

I like the way my pal Genaro Molina tells a story. He’s very effusive and detailed; he really paints the setting so you get a clear sense of what he went through to make a particular photograph. Read about his session with Gustavo Dudamel and Placido Domingo:

My marching orders were to photograph L.A. Philharmonic Music Director Gustavo Dudamel and L.A. Opera General Director Placido Domingo in a “neutral spot.” The editors didn’t want to offend either of the superstars by prominently featuring the Walt Disney Concert Hall, home of the L.A. Phil, or the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, home of L.A. Opera. The location of my portrait ended up being in the bowels of the Music Center in a nondescript hallway with fluorescent lighting that cast a nauseous green glow.

The two musicians arrived almost at the same time and greeted each other warmly. I was received the same way. “What would you like us to do?” asked Dudamel. I said I would like him to sit Indian style to reflect his playful side. He immediately obliged. Then I told Domingo I wanted him to sit next to Dudamel with legs crossed at the knee, presenting a more statesman-like figure.
Upon looking at Dudamel sitting crunched up like a pretzel, Domingo exclaimed, “I can do that too.” The maestro sat down and folded in his right leg. The left took a bit longer but also eventually complied. Once in place, Dudamel and Domingo looked at each other and smiled, allowing me to capture the warmth of their characters.

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  2. December 18, 2010, 3:37 am

    A legend and one in the making. What a great photo!
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    By: Classicalbcast

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