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Best of the Web

Stimulating photography, video and multimedia stories from around the Web to discover… and this week, I have a gift for you. Happy holidays!

Art: 21, Memory

The great intro from Isabella Rossellini draws you into this series of personality profiles. It’s simple storytelling about interesting people in their respective fields related to art in the 21st century.

The Hiroshi Sugimoto segment is particularly interesting and offers a glimpse of the man and the motivation for his work. He is an incredibly thoughtful interview subject. His own work whispers a perfect stillness with a soulful depth.

The series is organic and is less tech-driven and seems more engaging on a larger screen [so connect to your television if possible]. Watching and hearing these subjects at work and what inspires them to create their art and how they infuse themselves with or to their work is a inspiring.

This piece evoked a desire to learn more about Josiah McElheny’s work, see his pieces with my own eyes and even touch it. I delight in stories that push for a deeper curiosity and exploration of its subject.

This segment called “Memory” lives under the “Art: 21” series, which is all contained in this interactive, ready to be happened upon.


Year in Focus 2010, Getty Images

I like picture books. I think it’s because I’m a tactile person. I like digital stuff too, but a digital book lacks the tactile, touchy, smell, hug and love aspect of the whole book experience. However, Getty Images created a book that sort of looks and feels like a book, but it’s online. The Year in Focus 2010 is beyond a nice collection of photography. The cover photograph is stunning and artful. The photography editing is incredibly sharp and strong and the photographs are magnificently powerful.

The beauty of this interactive format is that it is very easy to navigate and you can explore for hours upon hours, going from photograph to photograph as each picture takes you to other related photographs from the Getty Images collection.

This book is well worth checking out and reflecting on what a year has passed and a presentation of what sort of collection and archive Getty possesses.

It’s all inspirational and a reminder that, it truly is a vibrant, pulsating world. And thank God we have pictures of it. Also, possibly the best photograph I have ever seen of Lindsey Lohan is in it too.


Water & Rocks, New Zealand

Maybe it was the music. Or maybe it’s because I spend some of time dabbling, meaning working in the Travel section, but this piece mesmerizing. I guess, I was looking at New Zealand, that’s what I got from the title. New Zealand is gorgeous. The visuals are a serious series of stunning video stills. No storytelling involved, but that’s cool too, sometimes, it’s about getting lost in the journey of the hypnotic music and pretty landscapes. Peruse all four videos by V Metron, he has quite a deft and skillful way of seeing. And I think he’s using Canon gear.



This is more about an application to play with and telling your story. It might fall into our Learn & Discover category, and for the holiday season, it’s my discovery gift to you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

This is the essence of your life flashing before your eyes in a finely controlled and fun little application. I like the ethereal feeling as it evokes the sense of blinking through memories as mere renderings through a tiny-tiny space of time. You don’t really get a profound imprint of any one particular photograph per se, but it’s easily digestible, personal themes in quick animation. I’d like to try this with a singular news or sports topic with really outstanding photography to see is what feeling is provoked and derived.

I can already think of a few people that I know that will utilize this. Let’s see what you come up with. Post it in the comments section so we can check it out.

Click here to see samples of what it does.

Caption: Screen grabs from “Art: 21,” PBS, upper left; “Year in Focus, Getty Images,”  upper right; “Water & Rocks, New Zealand,” lower left; and “Made at Pummelvision by crystalthieves”

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