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Super Bowl off-field action

Super Bowl off-field action

Jan. 20, 1980: Fans of the Los Angeles Rams and Pittsburgh Steelers trade cheers and beers outside the Rose Bowl before Super Bowl XIV. The pre-game tailgate parties were limited as 8,000 parking spaces were closed because of recent rains.

This photo, by former Los Angeles Times staff photographer Ken Hively, accompanied a story about off-the-field activities at the Super Bowl by former Times writer Alan Maltun:

The game outside the Rose Bowl was almost as breathtaking as the one that followed inside Sunday. The object was to get all the fans, including a number who had their tickets stolen, inside the stadium before the kickoff.

Virtually all the crowd of more than 103,000 made it, but not without a lot of shoving and crowding shortly before game time.

And starting in the early morning hours, there was a general air of festivity — often lubricated by strong drink — among the early arrivals.

As reported by Maltun, some 200 tickets were stolen, 17 people were treated for injuries, 115 arrests were made,  $5,000 of illegal souvenirs were confiscated, and a boxful of wallets — most apparently discarded by pickpockets — awaited return to owners.

And, oh yes, on the field, the Steelers won 31-19.

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  1. January 21, 2011, 2:39 pm

    I Love L.A times.;)-

    By: javier ibarra

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