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Best of the Web

Happy New Year. I hope this first month has brought you lots of inspiration to tell the stories that need to be told this year. I’m kicking off my first Best of the Web post of year with something of a touch light – hopefully you’ll find it rakish and entertaining.

The Sartorialist. A Visual Life

A few weeks ago my dear friend Susie who shares a profound love for style and fashion with me sent me this and included a line that said, “I saw this and it reminded me of you.” I watched it and I was delighted. First, it’s very cool to get the lens turned on the photographer and get a sliver of how he approaches his work, what drives him and what it means on a personal level – all around good formula for a story. The shots are lovely, the tones and mood feel reflective of Scott Schuman’s blog. And well, he himself has impeccable style and truly a gift for what he does. I found the piece therapeutic with a nice extension of inspiration like the blog. And how progressive and awesome that another gigantic company is fueling and seeing the value of the craft of documentary filmmaking. Thank you, Intel, and thank you, Susie, for the encouraging words.


Bill Cunningham New York

Photographer. Perfectionist. Loner. Maverick. Visionary. These are adjectives used to describe New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham in a documentary about him. This piece is also one that turns the camera on a photographer and his work. The approach is very different from The Sartorialist. A Visual Life, but not less effective. The energy and pulse is different and Bill Cunningham is quite the character. I love that Anna Wintour speaks about him – that is instant fashion credibility. It’s a teaser for the longer piece that includes a great quote from Cunningham where he says, “Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life.” That feels profound. And he’s really darn cute cruising NYC on his bicycle.


KAWS: COMPANION (Passing Through) at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

Street art/artists is/are blowing up. It is becoming or maybe it has already become mainstream. KAWS has channeled his work to be a brand. This is a nice process piece of installing artist KAWS or Brian Donnelly’s 16-feet-tall “Companion (Passing Through).”

The snow falling, the music, the pace all felt good and really made me want to trek to the museum in Connecticut to see this thing with my own eyes. And yes, KAWS has influenced street fashion like Schuman and Cunningham, but on another dimension.


7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine

7 Billion: World Party!

This one has nothing immediately to do with fashion. Except that there are a lot of people in the world and well, making a loose connection, I’d say clothes, fashion and style has a global impact whether it is based on industry, commerce, exploitation, trend-setting or necessity. As you may know, I like facts and I like graphics and so naturally, I like graphics incorporated with facts. The 7 billion series by National Geographic is a nice look at the population of the world. Take it in. It’s interesting and a jolt for the self-absorbed. Then explore the entire series, starting with the actual printed magazine. If you’re not into the whole print thing anymore, then go online for the collection of photography, articles, videos. Although I didn’t find the user experience and presentation of this online fluid, the content is substantial to engage in and maybe you’ll find something in common with the rest of the world.

World Party is funny and a clever addition to the series. I learned something and I laughed.


Caption: Screen grab from [upper left]: The Sartorialist. A Visual Life; [upper right]: Bill Cunningham New York; [lower left]: KAWS: “COMPANION (Passing Through)” at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum and [lower right]: 7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine

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