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Best of the Web

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Art Project, powered by Google

Google’s new Art Project is a great leap in bringing fine art to the masses.  Art Project uses Google Map’s street view technology, which allows users to enter an immersive interactive art experience exploring 17 of the world’s most prestigious art galleries.  Virtual 360-degree galleries can be explored , giving a sense of the space housing more than 1,000 high-resolution images of works by 486 different artists.  Virtual museum visitors can examine images closer using the “gigapixel images,” which stitches together multiple high-resolution images that results in images that can zoom in beyond what the unaided human eye can see, so much detail that it left me mesmerized looking at the individual brush strokes and layered paint in Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

One wish to change the world

Guerrilla artist JR has won the 2011 TED Prize of $100,000 and the opportunity to make one wish to Change the World.  The prize is more than just $100,000, it is an opportunity to get the support of the TED community at large, to change the world with that one wish.

JR’s work combines photography and graffiti in a very public way, with the constant goal to provoke change by fostering community.  His largely unauthorized works are massive images of people in the community pasted into the landscapes they inhabit,  the community itself becoming the art.

JR’s recent film Women Are Heroes, part of his 28 Millimètres project, focuses on oppressed women throughout the world.

Egypt under Mubarak

Unrest and political turmoil in Egypt have caught the attention of the world as President Hosni Mubarak tries to hold onto the authoritarian rule he has held for the past 30 years.  VII Photo agency shows us Egypt during the reign of Mubarak through the eyes of VII photographers, a world of ancient culture coming to terms with the urbanization of the modern world.

Egypt: Times photographer’s firsthand account of Cairo clashes

Times photographer Michael Robinson Chavez recounts his experiences covering the bloody clashes as thousands of supporters of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak attacked anti-government protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square on Wednesday.

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