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Drea Cooper and Zackary Canepari of California Is the Place take us to the gritty underground world of a geek fight club.  Deep within Silicon Valley, behind an anonymous garage, is an antidote  to the cubicle existence.  When it is your first night at the Gentlemen’s Fight Club, you fight first, full contact,  and it’s not very nice.  In a world where desk jobs are the norm, some are drawn to the fight to push beyond a comfortable existence, some do it to know they lived a little deeper the night before and some do it for the hugs afterward.

Beyond the Still

As a Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial photographer, Vincent Laforet reinvented himself as a commercial shooter and his career mirrored the HDSLR video phenomenon.  When he got his hands on the Canon 5d Mk II, his film “Reverie” showed the creative possibilities of DSLR video and simultaneously launched Laforet into the status of DSLR luminary.

With little formal training as a cinematographer, director or producer, Laforet was reinventing himself, and the industry at large was being transformed by DSLRs.  “The Story Beyond the Still,” Laforet’s latest collaborative project with the support of Canon and Vimeo, is the first and largest user-generated video contest.

The concept was simple. Laforet  created “The Cabbie,” a three-minute prologue to a series of movies that would be created by aspiring filmmakers.  The end of Laforet’s  movie would be the jumping-off point for the next film.  One year and 275 submissions later, the final, eighth chapter of the series has been completed and the film has been screened at the Sundance Film Festival.

Tragedy in Marjah, Witness to a Civilian Casualty

Routine patrols are seldom routine in the northern Marjah district of Afghanistan, especially when insurgents are taking potshots at the patrols.  Photographer Adam Ferguson documents the complexities of war and the toll on human life when he witnessed the unintentional killing of a girl in a U.S. mortar strike.


Collapsus is a bleeding-edge example of new narrative form.  Directed by Tommy Pallotta, the Collapsus experience is a transmedia experience that integrates various media platforms to create a richer and more immersive narrative experience.

Appealing to the younger, connected generation of media users and consumers, the Collapsus experience explores the issue of energy dependence in an annotated narrative made up of three main components; a fictional narrative that follows 10 people in a dystopian version of the near future and how they are affected by the energy crisis, an interactive element where viewers can make decisions about the energy crisis and a documentary component that employs real-world data and videos regarding energy dependence.

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