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The Leaves Keep Falling

VII photographer Ed Kashi travels to outskirts of Da Nang, Vietnam, to tell the story of two Vietnamese families affected by dioxin, a toxin in the Agent Orange herbicide. The U.S. used 12 million gallons of Agent Orange to destroy crops, vegetation and tree cover that might be used by Vietcong forces during the Vietnam War.

These families are a few of the millions of people who suffer from the environmental and health consequences of a herbicide that was used 30 years ago.

Storming Juno

It looks as if the video game generation is having an effect on how new narrative forms are being produced.

The Storming Juno website is an extension of a 90-minute History Channel docu-drama about the Canadian involvement in D-Day — June 6, 1944 — when Canadian troops landed at Juno Beach and punched into Nazi-occupied France.

The website is non-linear, transmedia storytelling: Video game-style navigation weaves together video, interviews and educational material to create an interactive first-person experience through the eyes of Canadian soldiers.

Sampled Room

This piece speaks to the importance of sound, rhythm and pace. Plus, it’s just too cool!

A ‘Safe’ Drug Injection Site in Vancouver

The Downtown Eastside part of Vancouver, Canada, was once home to one of the fastest-growing AIDS epidemics in North America. In a place where drug addicts struggling on the streets often disregard concerns of overdosing or contracting HIV, photographer Ed Ou looks at a bold new approach to the problems.

With the assumption that people will use drugs whether they have clean needles or not, Insite is the only health center in North America that provides clean needles and a safe place for people to use intravenous drugs. Ou’s intimate still photographs delve into the lives of drug addicts and those who are in the margins of society.

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