Who is JR?

International man of mystery and photographer/artist JR was granted $100,000 by the nonprofit organization TED and its support in a desire to “change the world,” according to the TED website. So, what did JR actually end up doing?

Photographer Christina House got a rare glimpse of the French street artist, who keeps his real identity a secret, as she was scouring Los Angeles, looking for JR’s larger-than-life photographic portraits on the sides of buildings. House saw an image from the current JR project, “The Wrinkles of the City,” going up , and the man himself was doing the pasting.

That day, she also met Bob. Bob Evans, 78, of Mar Vista, is the gentleman in a massive profile photograph by JR [see gallery above], he is also the man pointing the Flip cam at JR. Evans became one of JR’s subjects when he responded to a solicitation looking for old people. When asked how he felt seeing his face in this form and scale, Evans responded, “It’s kind of surreal; you can’t quite get your mind around it — what am I doing up there, what’s so special about me? It’s flattering in the sense that he found my face interesting enough to use as an art project.”

Cruise around Los Angeles and hunt for the JR public art project — 14 finished pieces of local faces staring at you for as long as they last against nature’s elements, possibly a few months to several years.

The TED [Technology, Entertainment, Design] conference is currently taking place in Long Beach through March 4.