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Best of the Web

This week, we have a couple of straightforward pieces of visual storytelling and and a couple of creative uses of mapping.

Chances With Wolves
This is a cool bit of video profiling some cool guys doing a very cool thing. It’s a nice and simple approach in telling a sweet little story with interesting characters. I found the piece to be successful since the next thing I did was Google the subject to learn more.

IBM: The Face of Watson
The music throughout this piece is wonderfully smart, engaging and fitting for the story. It created the perfect amount of intrigue and tension for a mechanical piece like this. On the surface if you told me to watch a video on Watson, the Jeopardy computer, I might pause for a second, but to my delight, it was so interesting and I learned so much in such a short amount of time. The video was nicely layered and explained the process in a concise way.

A Link: Design Korea 2010
Something about mapping like this that gets me so hyped. I would have loved seeing and participating in this kind of thing. I definitely would’ve been one of those happy-looking Asian kids playing with the touch screen. This video, although quite simple really made me want to experience this event. This is the kind of video that isn’t about storytelling but rather a process and no distinctive human character, just a glimpse of an event. I can see in the future more videos that document and tease to things to do around town. I liked it particularly because unlike television where someone stands with a mic telling you why you should go, this just shows why you might want to go.

Street Art View
With the recent sighting of JR’s “Wrinkles in the City” in Los Angeles in the front of my mind, street art has been a creative motivator for me lately. This interactive feature maps street art around the world. I checked out Los Angeles and it needs some serious populating as I know that there is much more than this map showcases. The part I like is seeing the art from all over the world. It’s a creative use of Google maps and street view. And it’s simple, clean and loads really fast.

Caption: Screen grab from [upper left]: Chances With Wolves; [upper right]: IBM: The Face of Watson; [lower left]: A Link and [lower right]: Street Art View

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