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Jun 14, 1948: President Harry Truman poses with Speed Graphic equipped Los Angeles photographers at Union Station. Los Angeles Times staff photographers Ray Graham is left of Truman, and Phil Bath on the right.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

Aug. 2, 1988: Three photographers get a close-up look at Medfly damage to an apple during a news conference in Van Nuys. From left, Nick Ut of the Associated Press, freelancer Ricardo DeAratanha (now with the Los Angeles Times) and James Ruymen of UPI.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Robert Durell / Los Angeles Times

July 31, 1981: Pitcher Jerry Reuss works out for a crowd of journalists as Dodgers players return from a strike that wiped out more than a third of the season.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rick Meyer / Los Angeles Times

1947: Los Angeles Times staff photographer Paul Calvert's trunkful of photography and camping gear is spread out behind his car.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Paul Calvert / Los Angeles Times

1958: Seven members of the Watson photography family bid farewell to Los Angeles Sheriff Eugene Biscailuz, seated, at a party for his retirement. From left, Garry A. Watson, George R. Watson, Delmar Watson, Harry R. Watson, Coy Watson Jr., Bill R. Watson and Bobs Watson. This image was previously used on this blog on Sept. 29, 2010.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Watson Family Photographic Archive

1956: Times staff photographer Jack Gaunt dashes away from a brush fire he was covering. This image was taken by an unknown rival L.A. Examiner photographer.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Examiner

Feb. 11, 1921: Times staff photographer George Watson stands on a headstone at the San Gabriel Mission while covering the funeral of Santo Juncio. This photo was previously published on the From the Archive blog on Nov. 18, 2010.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Watson Family Photographic Archive

1948: Times photographer Bill Murphy is second from the left on the bench. To his right is Times reporter Herb Brin. From left to right from Murphy are photographers from the Mirror, Daily News and Herald. The two men on the extreme right are reporters from other newspapers. Photo signed by Bill Murphy was presented to Times photo editor Cindy Hively upon his retirement in 1988.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Bill Murphy / Los Angeles Times

1919: Times staff photographer George Watson poses in front of small backdrop with a 4 x 5 Graflex camera with a powder flash gun.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Watson Family Photographic Archive

Oct. 17, 1988: Clem Inspeak, in hat, holding a 40-year-old Crown Graphic 4 x 5 camera, is surrounded by modern equipment as he photographs the announcement of the members of the Tournament of Roses court.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Larry Bessel / Los Angeles Times

April 3, 1978: Photographers cover the arrivals at the 50th Academy Awards.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: George Rose / Los Angeles Times

Oct. 20, 1962: Los Angeles Times staff photographer Judd Gunderson, arrow, backs off as USC Trojan defenders make sideline tackle of California Bears player.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

Jan. 15, 1967: Associated Press photographer George Brich stretches across the restricted area around the playing field while covering the first Super Bowl at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The Green Bay Packers beat the Kansas City Chiefs 35-10.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Art Rogers / Los Angeles Times

May 28, 1947: Newspaper photographers grab photos of George "Bud" Gollum, 21, and Beulah Louise Overell, 18, during morning recess of their murder trial in Santa Ana. The couple was accused of killing Overell's parents.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Paul Calvert / Los Angeles Times

Mar. 16, 1944: Mary Pickford is photographed in Los Angeles Superior Court. Pickford testified for a friend seeking damages following a traffic accident.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: John Malmin / Los Angeles Times

Jan. 29, 1977: Actress Sophia Loren arrives at the Golden Globe Awards. This photo was published in the Jan. 31, 1977 LA Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Tony Barnard / Los Angeles Times

July 29, 1948: Miss Doris Mae Normandine and Atty. Werner O. Graf cringe as an Los Angeles Exmainer photographer's flashbulb explodes. Normandine was a witness in court during divorce proceedings between Dr. J. Salem Rubin and Lorraine Rubin.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Bruce Cox / Los Angeles Times

Jan. 1941: Photo staff of the Los Angeles Times. Left to right kneeling: Jack Herod, Hugh Arnott, J. H. McCrory, Chief Photographer. Standing left to right: Robert Ritchie, Maurice Terrell, Robert Jakobsen, General Manager Norman Chandler, Editor L.D. Hotchkiss, Phil Bath, Al "Red" Humphreys, Marshall Benedict, Horton Churchill, Paul Calvert and Art Rogers.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

Aug. 23, 1954: Los Angeles Mirror photographer George Lacks portrays frustration after narcotics suspect huddled under blanket on right refused to come out and have his picture taken at the Central Police Station. Los Angeles Times photographer Don Cormier did get this photo.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Don Cormier / Los Angeles Times

Feb. 23, 1978: Steve Martin, Grammy winner for best comedy record, poses backstage for photographers. Event held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. This photo was published in the Feb. 25, 1978 Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Bill Varie / Los Angeles Times.

Jan. 28, 1983: An unknown photographer gets hit by large wave at Faria Beach in Ventura County. These two photos was published in the Jan. 29, 1983 Los Angeles Times.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Boris Yaro / Los Angeles Times

Sep. 29, 1989: Zsa Zsa Gabor holds a news conference on the steps of Beverly Hills Courthouse after her conviction of slapping a police officer.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Robert Durell / Los Angeles Times

Dec. 11, 1977: Photographers outside of the Hollywood Women's Press Club's Golden Apple Awards.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: George Rose / Los Angeles Times

April 5, 1958: Cheryl Crane, 14, is photographed in the office of Beverly Hills Police Chief Clinton H. Anderson after she was detained in the stabbing death of Johnny Stompanato.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

April 7, 1958: Photographers crowd juvenile hearing for Cheryl Crane. Her mother, Lana Turner, is seated with her back to the camera, second from right.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

April 11, 1958: Mickey Cohen, right, seated at table, during hearing on stabbing death of his former bodyguard John Stompanato.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

April 11, 1958: Actress Lana Turner with photographers at a coroner's hearing into the stabbing death of John Stompanato by Turner's daughter Cheryl Crane, 14.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Los Angeles Times

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Photojournalists on the Job [updated]

In early 2011, I visited the Los Angeles Times library and checked out the file labeled “Photographers,” which holds prints of photographers engaged in their trade, and came up with several good images to start this photojournalist-at-work gallery. After adding several other images, it’s time to post.

But this gallery is far from done. I will keep adding images in coming years.

And I need your help. Many of the photographers are not identified. If you know, let me know. Either leave a comment or send an e-mail to

Also, submit images. I’m looking for additional ”Photojournalist on the Job” examples to add to this gallery.

[updated on Nov. 28, 2012, with additional images and changes to text.]

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  1. December 3, 2012, 6:37 am

    Bill Murphy was my darkroom mate (or rather, I was his) when I came to the Times downtown in 1984. He was an elegant old gentleman by then, literate, kind, smart with a wealth of stories. He could both write and shoot. I still have the first day cover stamp he gave me, of JFK on a postcard, which used his photo (taken at Peter Lawford's beach house). I am glad to have known him. ~Pat Downs

    By: pdowns
  2. December 3, 2012, 8:12 am

    Thanks for a long overdue credit to some real masters of the news reporting business. Good photography was a real artistic and technical achievement in the days of film. As one who has seen with keen interest the phasing out of film to digital, I have come to appreciate the knowhow of those guys behind the scenes with their equipment.
    Newspapers were a success because they were fundamentally a visual media. If a story, or article, was limited to 200 words, you could always count on a good photograph which has always been worth 1000 words.

    By: greytv
  3. February 19, 2013, 7:35 am

    Wow ! Funny how coincidence brings a search full circle. I've been doing some investigation for a friend who has a Graflex camera, and the two plates included are clearly relief stamped "LA Times" and "Graham". We're wondering if this may in fact be Ray's camera, and that's how I ended up here. We're astonished and surprised after reviewing what we could find on Ray's posted works that perhaps we have the actual camera that took some or all of his works for the Times …

    By: mike

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