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Price of Immigration
Photographer Laura Elizabeth Pohl’s project for Bread for the World,  “The Price of Immigration,” is a revealing look at immigration into the United States and the effect on the economy.

Latino immigrants contributed $9.2 billion to the North Carolina economy in 2006 and created 89,000 spinoff jobs, Bread for the World says.

Man of the Soil

Filmmaker Pierre Deschamps’ documentary “Man of the Soil” looks like a real- life version of the 1982 film “Countryman.”  Pierre followed Jerry Maka West, a Nom Tèw, a man of the soil, one who lives in harmony with nature.

Boma Cho

Boma Cho, in his own words, “is just living.”  Born in the highlands of Cameroon, Boma romanticizes memories of riding horses in the savanna and wisdom flowing from his grandfather like the smoke from his pipe.   When Cho was in Africa, they learned that the land provided and they lived by picking food from the surrounding forests.  These are lessons Cho seems to live by in Seattle.  A regular at the Fremont Sunday Market in Seattle, Cho now gives new life to discarded clothing by silk-screening designs on recycled T-shirts.  The shirts are priced on a sliding scale, never more than $10 for children’s clothes.  Following Cho through the market, one begins to feel that living in a village is a state of mind.

8 Billion Lives

As filmmaking technology becomes more accessible, more people are documenting their cats, their children and their own stories.  8 Billion Lives is a site that is open to anyone who has a camera and a story to share.  Each film features a day in the life of a real person.  The films range from professional to amateur and the execution may not always be perfect, but the people and the intimacy are real.

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