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Cancer survivor and makeup artist gives makeover

By Anne Cusack, Los Angeles Times

Tim Quinn trained in Milan after which he joined the Georgia Armani Beauty Team in New York City. He has done the makeup of numerous stars such as Glenn Close, Helen Mirren, Julia Roberts and Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few.

He is also a cancer survivor.

Recently Quinn did a makeover at the Farrah Fawcett Foundation in Beverly Hills where the star of the show was Jeri Brown, who is in treatment for metastatic breast cancer.

The two talked of makeup and their personal experiences fighting cancer.

The concept for the video came from my producer, Kathy Pyon. The day of the shoot I used two wireless microphones, one on Brown and one on Quinn.
The video camera was on a tripod.  It was a small space and I had to be careful as I shot stills not to bump the tripod and stay out of the frame of the video. (I prefer the other side of the camera.) The setup with lights and backdrop took a couple of hours.  The actually video ran about 50 minutes.

The creativity came more in the editing process as I worked with my producer and also got suggestions from my very talented colleagues. The implementation to speed up the video was fairly simple. You just play the video at a faster speed. Done. The audio was a little more tricky looking for the right soundbites that would capture the essence of the makeover. The audio brings to life Quinn and Brown. Without it the piece would be more flat. One of the joys of my career is to meet such interesting people like Jeri Brown and Tim Quinn and to share that with our readers.

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