Pictures in the News | April 15, 2011

Friday’s Pictures in the News begins in Japan, where anti-nuclear protesters took part in a rally in front of Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s headquarters in Tokyo. The company has yet to determine how much it will have to pay residents and businesses near the Fukushima plant who were forced to evacuate after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami caused deadly radiation leaks. In Bulgaria, a mass commemorated the 86th anniversary of one of the deadliest attacks in Bulgarian history: on April 16, 1925, members and affiliates of the Bulgarian Communist Party blew up the roof of the church during a funeral service of a Bulgarian army general, killing 213 people mainly from the country’s political and military elite and injuring around 500.

Nepalese devotees covered in vermilion powder celebrate  the Sindur Jatra festival  in Thimi.  Sindur Jatra is celebrated to welcome the advent of spring and the new year. In Cairo, protesters wave Egyptian flags in Tahrir Square demanding the prosecution of Hosni Mubarak. A farrier makes horse shoes in the Hyde Park barracks in London for the upcoming royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. And a lioness tends to her cub in an enclosure inside Germany’s Hanover Zoo.

Add stops in Myanmar, China, Libya and India to round out our report.