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One of four white tiger cubs at a German zoo, the Safaripark Stukenbrock, cavorts with a photographer. The rare cubs were born on Valentine's Day.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Frank Augstein / AP

On a sunny, pleasant day in London, a youth does a flip off a wall while practicing parkour, an urban activity that involves feats of athleticism over manmade obstacles.


Former fruit grower Heinz Pabel checks out the cherry blossoms after a cool night on a fruit plantation in central Germany.


Hindu devotees carry the temple of Goddess Tudaldevi into the pond in Nepal's capital where the goddess is believed to have lost some ornaments while bathing. Each year during the Gahana Khojne Jatra -- or searching of ornaments -- festival, devotees have a ritual swim in the pond in search of the ornaments.


Passengers in a bus react to a policeman who is aiming his weapon as he travels at the back of a police pickup truck with slabs of marijuana seized during an operation against drug dealers in Rocinha slum. About 3 tons of marijuana were seized and seven people arrested during the operation, local media said.


Protesters dressed as oil-addicted bankers pose outside the annual general meeting of the Royal Bank of Scotland. Shareholders cast votes on pay plans for the bank, which attracted public outrage after details of Chief Executive Stephen Hester's pay emerged last month. The bank is 83% taxpayer owned. Hester's approved pay package from the meeting reportedly was about $12.6 million.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: David Cheskin / PA

Students from Nishitaga Elementary School attend classes in temporary rooms with cardboard dividers in a school gym. Their school, in the Miyagi prefecture, was damaged in the earthquake and tsunami.


Union flags are hung along Regent Street to mark the forthcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.


Smoke is seen coming from the crypt of the basilica of the Sagrada Família, by modernist architect Antoni Gaudí. Fire erupted on Tuesday in a suspected arson attack on the historic Barcelona church, causing 1,500 tourists to evacuate, officials said.


Penitents take part in the procession of the Cristo de la Buena Muerte during Holy Week. Hundreds of processions take place throughout Spain during Easter week.


Rebels man a checkpoint. Snipers, cluster bombs and intense shelling are spreading panic in the area of Libya, according to the AFP, as a doctor reported 1,000 people killed in six weeks of fighting in the besieged city.


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