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Slightly darkened streets of Tokyo

By now we have seen quite a few amazing time-lapse videos that compress time to the point where patterns and rhythms emerge to form imagery dancing across the screen. The look of these time lapses is fantastic and grand, as if the viewer is not bound by the rules of time, able to see days pass in seconds. “Slightly darkened streets of Tokyo’s” use of time lapse creates a stunning visual that goes beyond being just a visual. It is an elegant way to visualize Tokyo before and after the quake, as the lights of the city have slightly darkened.

Covering the Disaster in Japan

Matthew Allard, Al Jazeera senior field cameraman, is a seasoned journalist with 20 years of experience spanning over 30 countries. His assignments have included everything from sporting events to terrorist bombings. His last 34 days covering the disaster in Japan would be like no other assignment he has ever been on. DSLR News Shooter profiled Allard’s coverage of the magnitude 9 earthquake that struck Japan and its aftermath. With nearly 15,000 confirmed dead and 12,000 still missing in the disaster, Allard was constantly confronted with stories of loss that were almost beyond belief, stories of people who lost loved ones, homes and everything they owned, remarkably many of whom managed to keep their resolve. In addition to Allard’s coverage of the quake, we go behind the curtain to see what was involved in covering it: everything from navigating dark roads strewn with debris and gaping cracks to reporting with limited infrastructure and resources.

Spreading Revolution

Some stories may reveal themselves immediately; some take weeks or even years to unfold. Often looking back to a series of events or stories gives a wider perspective of the subject. Narrated by David D. Kirkpatrick, the New York Times’ “Spreading Revolution” encapsulates the events and stories that would transform two nations that have lived for decades under autocratic rule. Unarmed protesters would withstand governing armies, pro-government thugs and propagandists. Fueled by despair and frustration with old regimes, they would be beaten down only to regroup.  Kirkpatrick chronicles the key moments and figures in the revolutions that are transforming Egypt and Tunisia.

Unhappy Country

There is a region in southern Italy that was once known to be lush, green and peaceful.  This place was known to some by the same Campania Felix, or happy country. Ironically when filmmakers Matt Nager and Ivana Corsale set their lens on Campania Felix, it was a place that was anything but happy. Nager and Corsale first became aware of Campania Felix through the work of Roberto Saviano, which ties Italian crime syndicates to illegal dumping in the area, which is also known as the “triangle of death,” a name given due to the high rates of cancer in the area. Imagery of industry and wanton toxic dumping slowly changing the landscape of the old country, coupled with the angry Italians and a soundtrack that is nearly oppressive, makes for quite a powerful trailer for the upcoming documentary.

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