Pictures in the News | May 13, 2011

Young leopard cubs peer inquisitively from their cage at Bangkok International Airport after Thai police thwarted a high-profile attempt to smuggle rare and exotic animals to Dubai; in Kolkata, India, Trinamool Congress party supporters celebrate after early election results gave party leader Mamata Banerjee an overwhelming lead; and on the outskirts of Moscow, the next crew headed to the International Space Station prepares for their June 7 blast-off.

Demonstrators carry the flags of Arab nations at Cairo’s Tahrir Square during a protest calling for national unity after attacks on Egyptian churches, while in Jerusalem, security forces battle Palestinians following Friday prayers; and Pakistani military forces are at the site of a bombing near Peshawar.

In China, we get a backstage look at Kunqu Opera’s “Dream of the Red Chamber” in Beijing; workers clean the Zifeng Tower in Nanjing; and a jetliner passes in front of the moon over Shanghai.

Stops in Belgium, Nepal, Nicaragua, Spain and Yemen complete today’s gallery.