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The new sculpture "In Seven Days Time" by German artist Katharina Grosse dwarfs a passerby in its new home outside the Bonn art museum.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rolf Vennenbernd / European Pressphoto Agency

A schedule board at the Hamburg airport shows mostly cancellations and one almost six-hour delay for flights caused by the ash cloud from Iceland's Grimsvotn volcano.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Christian Charisius / European Pressphoto Agency

A woman with a painted face attends a protest at Freedom Park, where about 100 activists appealed to the government to save the nation's Prey Lang forests. Protesters, who call themselves Cambodia's "Avatars", had their bodies painted in green and blue and wore traditional ethnic Kuy clothes, including hats made from tree materials.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Samrang Pring / Reuters

A man bathes in water from a roadside pipe. Several parts of India are reeling under a heat wave.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Rajesh Kumar Singh / Associated Press

Plants sprout as small streams of water begin to fill the cracks of the dried-up bed of a branch of the Hanjiang River. The worst drought in 50 years has hit the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, affecting 9.89 million people in four central Chinese provinces.


Members of the activist group Oxfam wear giant papier mâché heads representing, from left, British Prime Minister David Cameron, President Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Italian President Silvio Berlusconi, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, in front of the Eiffel Tower. Their real-life counterparts are meeting in France starting Thursday.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Julien Muguet / Reuters

Head dummies model scarves at a shop in the Old City.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Ronen Zvulun / Reuters

A child's concentration wanders during class at a school in the suburbs of Beijing.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Petar Kujundzic / Reuters

Police officers on horses and motorcycles patrol the beach near the G-8 summit venue in Normandy.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Markus Schreiber / Associated Press

A man acknowledges his fellow protesters as they settle in for an all-night demonstration at Sol Square. Thousands of Spaniards defied a ban on pre-election demonstrations to express discontent with political parties and the country's handling of the economic crisis.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Emilio Morenatti / Associated Press

A security officer kicks a supporter of the pro-monarch National Democratic Party who during a protest had broken through a police barrier to a forbidden area near Nepal's Constitutional Assembly building.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Gemunu Amarasinghe / Associated Press

Denmark's Caroline Wozniacki elevates into a serve in a shoe-top view of her second-round match in the French Open against Canada's Aleksandra Wozniak at Roland Garros stadium.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Patrick Kovarik / AFP / Getty Images

Wearing gas masks and protective suits, members of Kyrgyzstan's Scorpion special forces unit take part in training exercises.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Vyacheslav Oseledko / AFP / Getty Images

A vendor at a street market sets up his display amid a time of economic turmoil for Belarussians, who have been sweeping stores in a frantic attempt to spend their devaluing currency as prices on imported goods soar.


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Pictures in the News | May 25, 2011

We begin Wednesday’s Pictures in the News feature in Germany, where a new sculpture entitled “In Seven Days Time” by artist Katharina Grosse has found a permanent home outside the art museum in Bonn. Staying in Europe, activists from Oxfam wear giant papier mâché heads representing G-8 leaders in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris; the ash cloud from Iceland’s Grimsvotn volcano causes cancellations of flights from airports in northern Germany; and protesters in Spain defy a ban on pre-election demonstrations by spending the night at Sol Square in Madrid.

Elsewhere, activists who call themselves Cambodia’s “Avatars” have their bodies painted in green and blue and wear traditional ethnic Kuy clothes calling on the government to save the Prey Lang forests; the worst drought in 50 years in central China has affected almost 10 million people; and Belarus consumers empty store shelves in a frantic attempt to spend their devaluing currency as prices for imported goods soar in the cash-strapped ex-Soviet state.

Add stops in Israel, Nepal, Jerusalem and India to round out the report. Check back later in the day as we add to our Pictures in the News feature.

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