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Lincoln Heights jail

Lincoln Heights jail

Photojournalist on the Job. Part of an occasional series.

When Los Angeles Times staff photographer Bill Murphy retired in 1988, he left this photo in the Times archive. On a caption sheet dated June 15, 1988, Murphy wrote about this image:

Waiting at the Lincoln Heights jail at night circa 1948. Bill Murphy is second from the left on the bench. To his right is Herb Brin, a Times reporter who left to found the local Jewish newspaper, Heritage.

From left to right from Murphy are photographers from the Mirror, Daily News and Evening Herald. The two men on the extreme right are reporters from other newspapers.

When the elevator brought the suspect down from the cells above us, we would be on our feet. There were no Miranda rights. A deputy would simply push the person we were waiting for out the elevator door — and bang, the flashbulbs popped.

This photo was previously posted in this Photojournalist on the Job photo gallery, but with this additional caption information, it deserved an update.

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  1. May 27, 2011, 10:09 am

    What a disreputable bunch! The instigator on the left is doing a great Raymond Chandler impression.

    By: Arye Michael Bender

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