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James Galanos' gowns

James Galanos’ gowns

Apr. 22, 1965: James Galanos observes a model who’s wearing a strapless white silk cloque gown he created.

By 1965, Galanos was a highly successful fashion designer with 100 people working for him. Los Angeles Times Fashion Editor Fay Hammond reported:

Behind a white and gold Louis XVI table desk topped in simulated malachite sits (but not for long) a big business tycoon who weighs in at approximately 110 pounds.

Amid a clutter of invoices, orders and important looking mail, the legend etched on an impressive Steuben cache-pot reads “for distinguished use of American cotton in creative fashion.” It was awarded by the National Cotton Council.

Under foot is a genuine zebra rug. Wood-paneled walls are recessed here and there to accommodate files that are also brilliant malachite green. This is the private bailiwick of designing genius James Galanos, a young man who had unmistakable arrived – but is still going places….

He has no time for artistic temperament or ivory tower dreaming between the two collections averaging 175 original models each – which he turns out each year. He’s cooly authoritative about his work, knowledgeable, articulate and a delightfully quiet-type wit. His idea of a vacation is a free day or two squeezed out of his twice yearly buying trips to Paris, Italy and Switzerland.

This photo by Nelson Tiffany, former Los Angeles Times staff photographer, was published on the Family section front along with the article by Hammond.

Galanos, now retired from fashion design, has taken up art photography. In 2006, as reported in this San Francisco Chronicle story,  his images were exhibited at the Serge Sorokko Gallery.

In this 2007 Los Angeles Times article, Galanos was interviewed about designing gowns for Nancy Reagan.

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