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A demonstrator cools off in a fountain at the Puerta del Sol square, where protesters have camped since May 15 to denounce political corruption, welfare cuts and unemployment. Spain's protests over the economic crisis fanned out to city squares nationwide as word spread by Twitter and Facebook among demonstrators known variously as "the indignant," "M-15" and "Spanish Revolution."


Cyclists are eager to get rolling on the Angeles Crest Highway following a nearly two-year road closure caused by storms in the Station Fire burn area that washed away several sections of the highway.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Francine Orr / Los Angeles Times

Chinese bridal couples kiss after they repeat their marriage vows at Neuschwanstein Castle, one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Thirty-one Chinese newlywed couples traveled to Germany to repeat their vows.


Travelers wash their horses in the Eden River at Appleby. The horses are washed as part of the annual horse fair which has taken place there since the 1600s.


A racegoer tips her cap on "Ladies Day" on the first day of the Epsom Derby Festival. The Epsom Derby race will be run Saturday.


A Buddhist devotee prostrates as others walk past her performing Buddhist religious rituals in Boudhanath Stupa, a World Heritage site.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Niranjan Shristra / Associated Press

Tomatoes and cucumbers from Holland are displayed for sale at a market. Nearly 200 new cases of E. coli infection were reported in Germany in the first two days of June, the national disease control center reported Friday, but officials say there are signs the European bacterial outbreak that has killed 18 people could be slowing. While suspicion has fallen on raw tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce as the source of the germ, researchers have been unable to pinpoint the food responsible.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Michael Sohn / Associated Press

A Greenpeace activist holds up a banner during a protest against the Turkish government's plans to build a nuclear power plant in central Istanbul.


Afghan national policemen and U.S. Marines rush a badly wounded Afghan policeman to a helicopter after they came under fire on the outskirts of Sangin, in Helmand province.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Anja Niedringhaus / Associated Press

A woman walks past a picture of Iran's late leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini while visiting his living area during a ceremony to mark the anniversary of his death.


Impoverished children gather to scavenge food at a fruit and vegetable wholesale market.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Channi Anand / Associated Press

A Palestinian demonstrator wearing a plastic bag for protection prepares to throw back a tear gas grenade at Israeli troops during a protest against Israel's separation barrier in the village.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Majdi Mohammed / Associated Press

Moto GP rider Nicky Hayden of the United States and team Ducati is reflected in a mirror at the Montmelo race track near Barcelona before the Spanish motorcycle Grand Prix.


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Pictures in the News | June 3, 2011

We say “I do” as we begin Friday’s Pictures in the News in Germany, where 31 Chinese couples traveled to repeat their wedding vows at Neuschwanstein Castle in Fussen.

In England, travelers wash their horses in a northern river as part of an annual horse fair that has taken place since the 1600s; and fancy hats were on display in Surrey for “Ladies Day” on the first day of the Epsom Derby Festival.

Protests continue in Spain, where demonstrators have been camping out since mid-May denouncing political corruption, welfare cuts and unemployment; in the West Bank, a Palestinian demonstrator throws back a tear gas grenade at Israeli troops during a protest against Israel’s separation barrier in the village of Bilin; Afghan police and U.S. Marines evacuate a badly wounded Afghan policeman after they came under fire in the outskirts of Sangin; and a Greenpeace activist protests the Turkish government’s plans to build a nuclear power plant in central Istanbul.

Add stops in India, Iran and Nepal to round out the report.

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