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Southern California Moments: Film Week! June 20-26

Southern California Moments: Film Week! June 20-26

Hipstamatic, Camera Bag, Vignette. Mobile app stores are flooded with photo and photo-sharing apps offering a variety of ways to let your images mimic various types of film — whether it’s the look of Velvia, the venerable Tri-X or even the recently departed Kodachrome.

Though it’s extremely handy to be able to flip between the various looks of film with one app, many photographers still prefer the look and feel of the original. Maybe it’s the knowledge that you only have 12, 24 or 36 shots. Or maybe it’s the familiar feel of loading a roll of film, or the rewards of the time spent in the darkroom.

Or maybe, like Flickr user lostlosangeles’ image above, it’s a matter of: “What happens if I shoot Polaroids that have been expired for more than 10 years?” There’s no algorithm predicting that result. (In case you were wondering, lostlosangeles also made an HDR image of the same scene in the Salton Sea.)

So next week, we’d like to celebrate all of you out there who shoot on film. Submit your images to our gallery or Flickr group, and we’ll be posting them all week.

And don’t worry, we’ll have a mobile week too.

Photo: “Salton Sea Trinity” by Flickr user lostlosangeles

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