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Best of the Web

The Tiziano Project

The Knight Foundation has announced the winners of its 2011 media innovation contest.  Judges chose 16 winners from more than 200 entries to receive $4.7 million for media projects.  The Knight Foundation’s mission is to support transformational ideas that promote quality journalism, advance innovation and engage the community in the arts.  Among the winners, Los Angeles-based Jon Vidar was awarded $200,000 for “The Tiziano Project.”  The original version of the project focuses on the personal and journalistic efforts of Iraqi citizens living in the Kurdish north.  The project serves as a hub for community journalism in conflict and post-conflict regions. It is a platform to create and share stories revolving around a single community or subject, a design that is meant to be repurposed for other communities and stories.

The Shot That Nearly Killed Me

(warning: link contains graphic images)

The Guardian UK’s “The Shot That Nearly Killed Me” shows the power of strong words and strong images as war photographers show the shot that nearly killed them, along with the stories of how dangerous it was to get that shot.

The Power of Rescuing Others

The power of a strong interview stands out in New York Times photographer Damon Winter’s  multimedia piece “The Power of Rescuing Others.” Simple imagery of gesture and expression accompany an interview with therapist Marsha Linehan.  Suffering from mental illness as a young woman, she recounts a transformative religious experience where she finds God.  It would be an experience that would help her to find herself and eventually gain control over her own sanity.

Everything Is a Remix

The third installment of the excellent series “Everything Is a Remix” has just been released. Kirby Ferguson’s series of films explores all realms of creativity, the first film starting with the premise that everything is a remix.  The latest film looks at the act of copying, combining and hopefully transforming to create something novel and innovative.

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