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Sparklers and fireworks

Sparklers and fireworks

July 4, 1966: Children set off sparklers outside the Los Angeles Coliseum while the big fireworks show goes on overhead.

In a July 5 Los Angeles Times holiday wrap-up story, staff writer David Larsen reported:

The pursuit of happiness so eloquently cited in the Declaration of Independence was much in evidence Monday on the 190th anniversary of its adoption.

Independence Day activities were held throughout Southern California, many of them built around patriotic themes….

“A Salute to the U.S.A.” was the theme in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, where a display of pyrotechnics showed everything from President Johnson to the Mr. Rushmore National Monument. The surface and aerial show was proceeded by a rocket belt demonstration, a baseball game, and high wire and trapeze acts.

This photo by former Times staff photographer Cal Montney was published along with Larsen’s story on page 3.

If you have ever tried to shoot fireworks, just getting a nice shot of the exploding pyrotechnics is tough enough. Now try going to the next level – include people!

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