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A rebel fighter with a bicycle celebrates a victory at Al Qawalish, 60 miles southwest of Tripoli, Libya, after six hours of battle. In the background smoke rises from a the power station that was shelled by retreating soldiers loyal to Moammar Kadafi. A senior Libyan official on Thursday accused NATO of intensifying its bombing campaign and backing foreign mercenaries to lay the groundwork for an advance by rebels trying to topple Kadafi's regime.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Gaia Anderson / Associated Press

Palestinian militants from the armed wing of Al Ahrar (The Free) movement drill before the media.


The soccer stadium of FC Twente Enschede is seen after the collapse of a part of the newly constructed roof. Part of the Dutch soccer stadium under renovation collapsed on Thursday, trapping and injuring an unknown number of people under the rubble. The incident was probably related to construction work at the stadium, police said.


Final tests are done on lighting at the Incan citadel Machu Picchu, which has its centennial commemoration Thursday.


Steam and other emissions rise from a coal-fired power station. Australia is set to slap a carbon tax of about $25 per metric ton on its major emitters, newspapers said on Thursday, but it has cut in half the number of companies liable for the tax in a bid to overcome hostility to the policy.


Staff Sgt. Noe Castro of Bridgeport, Conn., kisses daughter Nevaeh, 19 months, during a send-off ceremony Wednesday at the Connecticut Air National Guard Base. Eighty members of the 103rd Civil Engineer Squadron and 103rd Security Forces Squadron will be deployed next week to Afghanistan.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Jim Michaud / The Journal Inquirer

U.S. Army Major General Daniel B. Allyn salutes during a memorial ceremony to four U.S. soldiers who died during operations in Kunar district. Lieutenant Dimitri Del Castillo, Staff Sergeant Nigel Kelly, Specialist Levi Nuncio and Specialist Kevin Hilaman, two Afghan National Army soldiers, an Afghan linguist and Agdar, a military sniffer dog, were killed.


A rainbow appears near tthe space shuttle Atlantis, on the launchpad at Kennedy Space Center. Atlantis is scheduled to lift off Friday, but poor weather conditions could delay the final mission of the space shuttle program.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Win McNamee / Getty Images

Celio Correia, visiting Florida from Brazil, sleeps in his camper as he waits to watch the launch of Atlantis on the last mission of the space shuttle program. He arrived early to get a good spot to view the scheduled Friday lift-off.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Joe Raedle / Getty Images

A model gets her hair done before the "Mongrels in Common" fashion show during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.


Myanmar democracy icon Aung San Suu Kyi is greeted by supporters during a visit to a market in the country's ancient temple city. Suu Kyi has refrained from making political comments during her trip, which began on July 4, in an apparent attempt not to antagonise government figures, who have warned they can't guarantee her safety on her travels.


A man suspected of taking hostages at a kindergarten in Malaysia's southern Johor state is wheeled to an ambulance. Malaysian police stormed a school on Thursday to free 30 children and four teachers held hostage by a man armed with a hammer and a machete, according to newspaper accounts.


People walk through the rain along the Thames Path close to Tower Bridge.


A calf, used to amuse revelers, jumps into the arena after the running of the bulls at the San Fermin fiesta.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Ivan Aguinaga / Associated Press

Casey Anthony talks with her attorneys before the start of her sentencing hearing at the Orange County Courthouse. Anthony was found guilty of lying to law enforcement officers but not guilty of murder charges.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Joe Burbank / Orlando Sentinel

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