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Somali displaced people wait for a food-aid distribution at a camp in southern Mogadishu, where officials said at least 650 people arrive every day. Relief groups and donors said they would help relieve famine in parts of Somalia held by Al Qaeda-inspired Shebab rebels, provided they could be sure their aid would reach those most in need. Tens of thousands have already died in Somalia in recent months, according to the U.N.'s Food and Agricultural Organization.


The space shuttle Atlantis lands at Kennedy Space Center, ending its 13-day mission. Atlantis safely touched down, bringing an end to the 30-year U.S. shuttle program.


An explosive expert removes a suicide vest from a dead attacker in the suburbs of Peshawar. The man was shot dead by militia volunteers when he failed to detonate his suicide vest in an attempt to kill the militia chief.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Mohammad Sajjad / Associated Press

Curator Sam Bompas, left, poses for photographers on a boating lake with dyed green water, which forms part of his installation on the roof of the Selfridges department store on Oxford Street. Selfridges will open its roof to the public for just the second time since World War II, to host the installation conceived by the artists Bompas & Parr.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Matt Dunham / Associated Press

A woman jumps from a swing into the Yenisei river on a hot day. Temperatures reached 84 degrees Fahrenheit in the Siberian city.


A 1-year-old squirrel monkey named Charles Darwin rests on its minder's head during the filming of a TV movie.


Michelle Wie of the U.S. is seen through the umbrellas of spectators as she hits her second shot on the seventh hole during the first round of the Evian Masters golf tournament.


Soldiers of the Chinese People's Liberation Army's honor guard battalions march during a demonstration for visiting media at their military base.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Andy Wong / Associated Press

A photographer takes a picture of dummies in a demonstration of Toyota Motor Corp.'s safety technology at its facility near Mount Fuji, west of Tokyo.

PHOTOGRAPH BY: Koji Sasahara / Associated Press

Bill Hawker, left, father of slain 22-year-old British teacher Lindsay Ann Hawker, holds up a picture of his daughter while accompanied by Lindsay's mother, Julia, as they speak to reporters outside a public prosecutor's office in suburban Tokyo after the announcement that 32-year-old Japanese man Tatsuya Ichihashi was sentenced to life imprisonment for raping and killing Lindsay in 2007. Ichihashi -- who spent more than two and a half years on the run and had plastic surgery to evade capture -- had admitted raping his English teacher but said he killed her accidentally.


Festival-goers pose after playing in the mud during the second day at the 36th edition of the Paleo festival, an open-air music festival that runs through Sunday.


Soccer fans hold up smoke flares during the presentation of their club Arka.


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